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Practice exam 4 lec

Which of the following is most useful in determining the presence of AIDS antibodies? indirect ELISA
Antigen-antibody binding may result in which of the following: complement activation
Worldwide, the primary method of transmission of HIV is heterosexual intercourse
The best definition of an antibody is a protein made in response to an antigen that can combine with that antigen
Mebendazole is used to treat cestode infestations. It interferes with microtubule formation; therefore, it would not affect bacteria
Immunity resulting from recovery from mumps: Naturally acquired active immunity
Purified protein from B. pertussis is a(n) subunit vaccine
All of the following statement(s) about type I hypersensitivities are true: All of the above statements are true
Transfusion reactions are an example of a type II hypersensitivity
Uses red blood cells as the indicator complement fixation
Dead Bordetella pertussis can be used in a(n) Inactivated whole-agent vaccine
A vaccine against HIV proteins made by vaccinia virus is a(n) subunit vaccine
Drug resistance occurs When antibiotics are used indiscriminately
Which of the following drugs is NOT used primarily to treat tuberculosis? sulfonamide
The presence of which of the following indicates a current infection rather than a previous infection or vaccination? IgM
Immunity due to injection of tetanus toxoids Artificially acquired active immunity
A test to identify antibodies against Treponema pallidum in a patient is the Indirect fluorescent antibody test
Type of immunity resulting from transfer of antibodies from one individual to a susceptible individual by means of injection Artificially acquired passive immunity
Hay fever is an example of a Type I hypersensitivity
Which type of transplant is least compatible? Xenotransplant
Which of the following is (are) considered a type I hypersensitivity? All of the above
Plasma cells are activated by a(n) Antigen
Tissues for transplantation are typed for ABO and Class I and Class II HLA and antigens
Most of the available antimicrobial agents are effective against Bacteria
Which of the following antibiotics is recommended for use against gram-negative bacteria? polymyxin
Antibodies against HIV are ineffective for the following reason(s): All of the above
Live polio virus can be used in a(n) Attenuated whole-agent vaccine
Autoimmunity is due to IgG and IgM antibodies
Which one of the following statements about HIV is NOT true? HIV infection directly causes death
The antimicrobial drugs with the broadest spectrum of activity tetracyclines
Antibodies for serological testing can be obtained from all of the following except: viral cultures
Which of the following is not normally used in a vaccine? antibodies
Which of the following antibiotics are used to treat fungal infections? Griseofulvin
The symptoms of an immune complex reaction are due to complement fixation
Which of the following may result from systemic anaphylaxis? shock
The antibodies found in mucus, saliva, and tears are IgA
A hypersensitivity reaction occurs On a second or subsequent exposure to an antigen
Type of immunity resulting from vaccination Artificially acquired active immunity
A person with Graves' disease makes antibodies against thyroid hormone receptors on cells. This is an example of Type II autoimmunity
Transplant rejection is an example of Type IV hypersensitivity
Which of the following may be inherited or result from HIV infection? Immunosuppression
What type of vaccine is live measles virus? Attenuated whole-agent vaccine
Which of the following is an effect of complement activation? all of the above
Reaction of antigen with IgE antibodies attached to mast cells causes release of chemical mediators
Antigens coated with antibodies are susceptible to: Phagocytosis
Hepatitis B virus surface antigen can be used in a(n) Subunit vaccine
Allergic contact dermatitis is due to Sensitized T cells
Which of the following statements about drug resistance is (are) true: All of the above is true
The most abundant class of antibodies in serum is IgG
Which of the following antimicrobial agents is recommended for use against fungal infections Amphotericin B
Inactivated tetanus toxin is a(n) Toxoid Vaccine
To detect botulinum toxin in food, suspect food is injected into two guinea pigs. The guinea pig that was vaccinated against botulism survives, while the one that was not vaccinated dies. This is an example of Neutralization
The best definition of an antigen is A chemical that elicits an antibody response and can combine with these antibodies.
Which of the following is a characteristic of B cells: All of the above
What type of vaccine is Streptococcus pyogenes capsule? subunit vaccine
Immunity that is not due to antibodies innate resistance
Hemolytic disease of the newborn can result from an Rh- mother with an Rh+ fetus
In the presence of penicillin a cell dies because It undergoes osmotic lysis
Which of the following are true about natural killer cells: All of the above
Newborn's immunity due to the transfer of antibodies across the placenta: Naturally acquired passive immunity
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