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phrasal verbs

Stack #126096

act up (no object) misbehave (for people); not work properly (for machines).
act like (inseparable) behave in a way that's like _ .
add up 1. no object) logically fit together.
add up to (inseparable) to total.
ask out (separable) ask for a date.
back down (no object) not follow a threat.
back off (no object) not follow a threat.
back up (1. no object) move backward; move in reverse.
back up (2. separable) drive a vehicle backwards (in reverse).
back up (3. separable) confirm a story, facts, or information.
back up (4. separable) make a "protection" copy to use if there are problems with the original.
blow up (1. separable) inflate.
blow up (2. separable) explode; destroy by exploding.
blow up (3. no object) suddenly become very angry.
bone up on (inseparable) review / study thoroughly for a short time.
break down (1. separable) separate something into component parts.
break down (2. no object) stop working / functioning.
break in (1. often no object; with an object, break into--inseparable) enter by using force (and breaking a lock, window, etc.)
break in (2. separable) wear something new until it's / they're comfortable.
break in (3. separable) train; get someone / something accustomed to a new routine.
break up (1. no object) disperse; scatter.
break up (2. usually no object; with an object, break up with inseparable)) end a personal relationship.
bring off (separable) accomplish something difficult; accomplish something people had considered impossible or unlikely. bring / take back (separable)
butter up (separable) praise someone excessively with the hope of getting some benefit.
do in (1. separable) cause to become very tired.
do in (2. separable) to kill; to murder.
do over (separable) do something again.
drag on (no object) last much longer than expected or is necessary.
draw up (separable) create a formal document. drop off (separable)
drop in (on) (inseparable) visit informally (and usually usually without scheduling a specific time).
drop by (inseparable) visit informally (and usually without scheduling a specific time).
drop out (of) (inseparable) stop attending / leave school or an organization.
draw out (separable) prolong something (usually far beyond the normal limits).
eat out (no object) have a meal in a restaurant.
egg on (separable) urge / encourage greatly toward doing something (usually something negative).
end up (1. no object) finally arrive at; arrive at an unexpected place.
end up (2. no object) arrive somewhere as a result or consequence.
face up to (inseparable) admit to; take responsibility for.
fall through (no object) not happen. (Note
fall through (no object) not happen. (Note
feel up to (inseparable) feel strong enough or comfortable enough to do something.
figure out (1. separable) logically find the answer to a problem; solve a problem by thinking about it carefully.
figure out (2. separable) understand why someone behaves the way she/he does.
fill in (1. separable) add information to a form.
fill in (on) (2. separable) supply information that someone doesn't know.
fill in for (inseparable) temporarily do someone else's work; temporarily substitute for another person.
fill out (1. separable) complete a form by adding required information.
fill out (2. no object) become less thin; gain weight.
find out (about) (inseparable) learn / get information (about).
iron out (separable) mutually reach an agreement; mutually resolve difficulties
jack up (1. separable) raise / life by using a jack.
jack up (2. separable) raise (used for prices).
jump all over (inseparable) severely scold someone; berate someone.
keep on (1. inseparable--followed by an -ing verb) continue
kick out (separable) expel; force someone to leave because of his/her poor performance or unacceptable behavior.
knock out (separable) make unconscious.
knock oneself out (separable) work much harder than normal or than what is expected.
Created by: glasslander
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