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people of rev. war

Paul Revere ride to lexington & concord to warn that regulars were coming. patriot, silversmith
Patrick Henry "give me liberty or give me death" . firing speech . gov. of Virginia lawyer
Thomas Paine "common sense" . "the prices" books
Nathan Hale patriot, hero from Long Island, spy on British troops, later hung, school teacher. "I only regret that I only have one life to lose."
King George III ordered troops to fight, though colonist were meant to pay taxes
Samuel Adams helped start "Sons of Liberty" in Boston. leader of continental congress , started comity of correspondence
Thomas Gage 1775 british general , instructed to take weapons from MA, took rights from Boston
Benedict Arnold an american leader, lead battle of quebec, traitor, used to be G.W. "right hand man"
John Hancock 1768 owned boat the liberty, head of 2nd continental congress
George Washington Valley forge, good general, becomes 1st president
Benjamin Franklin helped get france on our side, part of continental congress, founding father, signed constitution and dec of I, signs treaty of paris 1778
William Dawes helped w ride to lexington
Thomas Jefferson main writer of dec. of I
John Burgoyne fancy dresser, british, wanted to take albany new york
Marquis de Lafayette french nobleman , G.W. assis.
Charles Cornwallis surrendered @ Yorktown which ended revolution
Baron Von Steuben german, Gay, helped @ valley forge
George Rogers Clark patriot captured Kaskaskia & Vincennes
John Paul patriot sea captin
Crispus Attucks dock worker, first to die for revolution, run away slave, african/indian
Molly Pitcher helped her husband by firing his cannon when he was injured, she is famous for bringing pitchers of water to soldiers
William Howe general of british troop, surrendered Boston, wanted NY
redcoats the british regulars
privateers a person/ship hired by gov. to fight
minutemen patriots ready to fight in a minutes notice
hessians german merrsanarieshired by rbi.
loyalist people who lived in colonies but were loyal to king
patriots wanted independence
Richard Henry Lee from VA, snet to congress, vote for independence
Haratio Gates patriot, blocked passage to south
Robert Morris creator of taxes, finaced war
Francis Marion swampfox, known for gorilla warfare
Nathanel Greene patriot, replaced Gates, cotton gin
Sons of Liberty group of patriots, protest against Brit. , leader = Samuel Adams
Created by: mariekelley
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