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spellin definitions

abstract hard to understand
bone meal fertilizer or feed made of crushed or ground bone
capital the top part or piece of an architectural column
dachshund a small long bodied dog short-legged droopy-eared dog of a breed or German orgin
dangerous exposing to or involving danger
Death the destroyer of life represented as a skeleton with a scythe
delphinium any of a large genus of erect branching herbs related to the buttercups and having irregular flowers in showy spices
dextrous skillful and competent with the hands
evil-minded having an evil character or invintions
gnu any of several large African antelopes with a head of like an ox, short mane, long tail, and horns in both sexes that curve downward and outward
karat a unit of fineness for gold
kerosene a thin oil consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons
lacerate to tear roughly
liturgical of, relating to, or like liturgy
magisterial of or relating to a magistrate or his office duties
nervure a vein in a leaf or in the wing of an insect
nutmeg the seed of a tree grown in the East and West
pyramid a massive structure built esp. in ancient Egypt
refraction the bending of a ray when it passes slantwise from one medium into another in which its speed is different
star a natural luminous body visible in the sky esp. at night
Created by: Monkai
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