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Euro Renaissance

Chapter 10

Where did Renaissance start? Why? Began in Italy because of the wealth from sea trade
Florence producers (textile), traders, bankers
Renaissance time of transition between medieval and modern times
Midici's Rules Florence
Humanism (Individualism) secular beliefs...lived up to one's highest potential...study of the Latin and Greek classics
Petrarch "Father of Humanism"
Florentine Platonic Academy Founded by Cosimo de' Medici...Plato's philosophy with Christian teachings
Bladassare Castiglione The Courtier...gentlemanly behavior
Renaissance Art proportioned, emotions, symmetry, shading, perspective
Leonardo da Vinci "Renaissance Man"...Mona Lisa, Vitruvian Man
Michelangelo David
Mannerism Michelangelo's later works...strange/abnormal
Pope Julius II "Warrior Pope"
Machiavelli The Prince...ends always justifies the mean...rule with whatever mean possible
Isabella and Ferdinand of Aragon marriage united Spain and France
War of Roses England...Yorks vs. Lancasters
Effect of the War of Roses Tudor Dynasty came to rule England
Northern Renaissance emphasized religion
Spread of Northern Renaissance People from the North went to Italy during the Renaissance and came back with new ideas
Printing Press Johann Gutenburg...spread ideas & encouraged literacy
Erasmus Wanted to unite Classical and Christian ideas
Thomas More Utopia...imagined an ideal society
1st Country to start sailing Portuguese
Reason for the era of exploration looking for a trade route to the West Indies
Christopher Columbus Spanish sailor trying to discover a quick route to the West Indies...came upon America instead
Ferdinand Magellan Portuguese sailor...circumnavigated the world
CAM Cortez defeated Aztecs (leader: Moctezuma) in Mexico
PIC Pizarro defeated Incas in Cuzco (Peru)
Encomienda System a grant of the rights to the labor of a specific number of Indians
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