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Practice exam 2 lec

Practice exam 2

Plasmids: are small, circular stretches of DNA found in bacteria that can be transferred between bacteria during conjugation
The complete oxidation of glucose typically involves which three stages? Glycolysis, the Krebs Cycle, and the electron transport chain.
Which one of the following is normally found in soil or moist environments such as spas or air-conditioning units: Legionella
Which of the following is used for surgical hand scrubs? Chlorhexidine
This mutagen would make the base adenine pair with cytosine instead of thymine. base pair type of mutagen
Which of the following is a limitation of the autoclave? Use with heat-labile materials
Recombinant DNA technology: allows genes from unrelated organisms to be combined.
X-Ray is an example of Ionizing radiation
This mutation is usually a result of the deletion or addition of a base pair. frameshift mutation
Which of the following is not a major target for action of antimicrobials? flagella
The bactericidal effect of UV light is attributed to damage to: DNA
Some antimicrobial treatments kill microbes; some inhibit growth. Which term refers to an agent that inhibits bacterial growth? bacteriostatic
The original genetic information in a bacterial cell. DNA
Which chemical was once used to treat the eyes of newborn babies to kill N. Gonorrhoeae? Silver Nitrate
Ultraviolet light is an example of non-iodizing radiation
Which of the following is not a chemical requirement of all bacteria? molecular oxygen
Both staphylococci and streptococci: are gram-positive cocci
Which is not a characteristic of the autoclave? The requirement for long (hours) exposure times
The chemical 5-bromouracil is a mutagen because it: is similar in structure but not in base-pairing ability to thymine
A dichotomous key: asks a series of questions, with each question in the series having two possible answers.
Burkholderia is a frequent cause of nosocomial infections because: it grows on some antiseptics
An antiseptic is used when one needs to remove microbes from: skin, prior to an injection
In which phase is the population doubling time fastest? Log phase.
Sterilization is the: destruction of all forms of microbial life.
Iodophors differ from iodine (I2) in that iodophors: all of the above
An organism that grows in the presence and absence of oxygen and uses oxygen when it is available is called a/an: Facultative anaerobe
Which of the following is an endospore-forming bacterium? Clostridium
The first disinfectant used by Lister was _____. Phenol
What phase of the cell cycle is extended in a chemostat? Log Phase
Which of the following is an example of a cloning vector? Plasmid
In the filter paper method used for evaluation of antimicrobial chemicals, the effectiveness of a chemical is indicated by a ____ around a disc immersed with the test chemical. clear zone
Which of the following does not achieve sterilization? Pasteurization
Which of the following is true of cladograms? all of the above
The process of making multiple copies of a DNA molecule is referred to as: amplification
Which of the following is designed to suppress the growth of unwanted bacteria and encourage the growth of desired microbes? Selective media
A gene library: is a collection of DNA fragments from a genome.
Which one molecule could provide the carbon source, the energy source and the electron source for a chemoheterotroph? Glucose
In genetic engineering, recombinant DNA can be introduced into a host cell by which of the following methods: all of the above
A gene is best defined as: A sequence of nucleotides in DNA that codes for a functional product
Pasteurization was first used by Pasteur to control spoilage of: wine
DNA is constructed of: Two strands of complimentary nucleotides running antiparallel
Which of the following affects the elimination of bacteria from an object? all of the above
Milk that you have never opened spoils in the refrigerator. A sample reveals the presence of microorganisms. The most likely explanation is: the microbes that survived pasteurization were able to grow at 4 °C
During the lag phase: cells are engaged in intense enzymatic activity
Which of the following is(are) associated with foodborne illness? all of the above
A frameshift mutation in a gene encoding a protein usually: results in the production of a nonfunctional peptide
Which of the following are potential purposes of genetic engineering? all of the above
Bacterial death will result from damage to which of the following structures? all of the above
Foods to be canned need not be sterile. However, all _________ of Clostridium botulinum must be killed endospores
Which of the following is in the correct order? Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
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