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Euro Late Middle Age

Chapter 9

Preconditions of Black Plague overpopulation --> malnutrition --> bad health --> vulnerable to plague
Spread of Black Plague Fleas on rats in ships from the Black Sea...entered Europe through ports
Flagellants beat themselves in penance during Black Plague...spread disease
Effects of Black Plague high depopulation
Preconditions to Hundred Year' War (1337-1453) French King, Charles IV, died without an heir...Edward III vs Philip VI of Valois
Results of 100 Years War France won due to the help of Joan of Arc (gave french national identity)
Pope Innocent III transformed papacy into a secular power
Unam Sanctam 1302 Boniface VIII declared that temporal authority was subject to the spiritual power of the church
Pope Clement V moved papal court to Avignon in order to maintain its independence from the French king, Philip the Friar
Avignon Papacy 1309-1377 Cut off from Roman Estates --> indulgences
Indulgences pardons for unrepented sins
John Wycliffe England...Lollards > personal merit was true basis of religious authority
John Huss Bohemia...Hussites > believed bread and wine remain: questioned the sacrements
Gregory XI reestablished Papacy in Rome 1377
Pope Urban VI elected as new Pope (supported in Rome & Britain)
Pope Clement VII elected same time as Urban VI...elected by the French king, Charles V, so the papacy could stay in Avignon (supported by France)
Council of Pisa elected Alexander V as pope...disposed both Urban VI & Clement VII as pope (refused to step down) = 3 POPES
Council of Constance disposed of all 3 popes, and elected a new pope, Pope Martin V
Created by: map697