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western civ. 2 final

ww1- begining to end. +weaponry

what is the objective of applying industry to warfare? to multiply the effectiveness of weapons and their components.
what are the three components of weapons? range, rate/intensity, power, and accuracy.
who had the best weapons at the begining of the war? germany
where was the first use of poison gas and by whom? at ypres belgium by the germans
where was adolph hitler wounded as an officer? ypres, belgium
what weapon did the ww1 soldier carry, and who used what modle? the bolt action rifle, germany used 8mm maueser which was costly and heavy, british used a 303 enfield.
what was the most reliable weapon? the mauser
how many days would the germans supplies last per soldier? 10 days
what type of bayonette is no longer allowed to be used and why? the star bayonette it caused puncture wounds
who pattented the machine gun and how many rounds would it produce per min? hiren maxim, 500 rounds/min
what did industry give to the war efforts? weapons that change battle strategies
why was poison gas outlawed after ww1? because it was an idescriminat weapon-direction, speed, and intensoty were determoned by wind and rain.
what types of poison gas were used? mustard gas, zyklon gas, chlorine gas
what is the discription of mustard gas? green, yellowish color. its a burning agent that kills by burning the membrains of your lungs over months, blinds you. its a slow aginizing death.
what is the discription of zyklon gas? pellets in tubes. the second it hits the ground it starts producing gas but it wont spread because it is too heavy. hittler used it to kill the jews. makes you have seziers, takes 3-5 mins to kill.
what is the discription of chlorine gas? invisible gas. can only be seen if there was high hummidity and the sun hit it then there was just a blue hugh.
the airplane opens up a third front, "death from above." biplanes or triplanes were used in early ww1, 1914.
in the begining what were the characteristics of the plane low and slow, no pressurized cabin; used for recon or strafing (shooting machine gun from the air.
towards the end what were the characteristics of the plane used for bombing(not totally accurate), capable of conducting air to air combat.
who had the major advantage in air to air combat? why? who invented it? the germans because they were the first to sincronize the machine gun and the propeller. invented by a british engineere shot down by the germans.
what were the requirments for being an "air ace"? 5 air to air kills
what was the britishs' secret weapon? the tank
what were the tanks characteristics durring ww1? heavily armored and lightly armed, .40mm cannon on front, extreamly slow, wide open only went 4 mph, offencive weapon, fixed turret, no communication inside or out.
how many casulties were in ww1? 8-10 million
how many wounded and how many amputies in france? 20 million wounded and 800,000 amputies.
how many mental hospitals had to be build in britian durring ww1? over 20
why was ww1 named so? because it was the 1st total war in history. it affected everyone from infants-senior citisens.
how many german citisens starved to death in ww1 because of a low calerie intake? 750,000
how many men were moblized by the end of the war? 74,000,000; 49,000,000 allies and 25,000,000 communists
how many of the 49,000,000 were russian on the allies side? 19 million
what are two acrinims for ww1? the great war and the war to end all wars.
what were the causes of ww1? alliance system-a series of strict ridged agreements based on common bonds. public centiment in favor of warfare idea of an armed peace-tried to prevent war by stock piling weapons. territorial disputes agressive stratagies on both sides
what were the reasons to allie? culture, proximity, economic ties.
what type of engine was in the german tanks? mercadies bends
how many tanks did the germans produce and why? less than 20, they didnt think the tank was very reliable, the first time they seen it in action being used by the british they broke down easily and got stuck easily.plus they didnt have the resources to build them.
what is the scope and what were its effects? a telescopic sight that magnifies and inhances the target, thus increasing range and effectivness. caused a new branch of the military the sniper.
what was a sniper? a soldier specializing in hidden combat, the bounty on snipers were high; if you kill one the government would send you his gun. 1 guy could hold down a platoon for hours.
artillery been in battle since the 100 years war using powder propellant. (1337-1433)
when were breach loading cannons introduced? 1914
what are some new advancments in weaponology by 1914? recoiless gun carriages, trentch mortars, hi-explosives, poison gas, shrapnel, incidiary.
what were some other advancments in technology by this time? motorized vehicles, telephones and telegraphs, submarines.
what was a big cause of ww1? unrestricted submarine warfare. the lucitania (first successful attack was by the confederates of the usa. distroyed mercant ships to take oil, lead, gun powder, and food.
what was compulsery labor laws in europe? if you were male and not in the military you had to work in military related industry.
who were the allies? britian, france, belgum, russia:1917-bolshevik revolution, usa:1917 april 6th; we were practicing an isolationist policy derived from the monrow doctrin.
who was also with us durring ww1 and against us in ww2? japan and italy
who were the central powers? germany, austro-hungarian empire, automan empire, and bulgaria.
who were the two contries highly contestant in territorial disputes? africa and asia
alsace-lorraine contest between germany and france over austria for coal.
what was geramnys fight plan according to the schlieffen plan durring ww1? to capture paris in 6 weeks (didnt happen) were stoped at the battle of marne. also called for resources to be disributed 90% to the french side and 10% to the russian side.
what plan did the allies choose to use if put in the possition to act first? plan 17: a plan that never went into affect. we were reacting to the germans plan.
what was the immediate cause of ww1? the assasination of arch duke franz ferdinand of the austro-hungarian empire. done in by serb. nationalist g.princep a member of the black hand.
what was the date that the war officially began? july 28th 1914
what was ww1 labled as? a trench war. trenches stretch from the north sea to switzerland. trenches are 6foot deep and 5-6foot wide.
how many days was a soldiers week? 16 day periods- 8days at the front, 4 days in reserve, and 4 days of randr.
what was t period between 1914 to 1916 called? a stalemate war. neither side could gain position over the other.
armys ingagge each other at what 4 major battles? marne:stop german from getting paris; ypres:hitler is shot as an officer; verdun:longest battle -feb1916-dec1916 had an 8 mile front. the somme-1914-1916-50,000 british dead in 90 mins.
what were some events in international affairs that lead to our entry to ww1? unrestricted submarine warfare, zimmerman telegram, affected propaganda.
what was the zimmerman telegram? message from germany to mexico telling mexico that if they engage in warfare with the us that they would give mexico texas, new mexico, and arizona
what was the date the us entered the war and who did we send and who were they comanded by? april 6th 1917, we send the aef, and they are comanded by John Pershing
when does russia exit the war? 1917 because of the bolshevik revolution
what is the treaty that officially withdraws russia from the war? brestlitousk signed may 1918
what does the withdrawl of russia allow germany to do? move its men and resorces to the western front where it is much needed for them.
what happens in 1918? german commanders emit a sence of urgency, they want to hurry and strike before the us is fully organized and ready to strike them.
what is the attack the germans come up with named? the emperors offensive in honor of kaiser wilhelm the 2nd.
when does the offensive begin? march 1918
what three major battles is america involved in? soisson, belleau wood, chateau-thierry
what nickname did the germans give the american troops? devil dogs
what nickname did the harlem troops get from the germans? hellfighters
what did the germans think about the americans after they seen them fight? we excieeded their expectations. they thought we couldnt fight because we were nothing but gangsters or rednecks but we surprised them.
why did the offensive loose steam so quickly? not enough resources
what happens in august 1918? allies go back on the offensive and take back everything theyve lost and keep going until the germans litterly run up the white flag.
what happens on nov.11, 1918? armisist goes into affect "alls quiet on the western front."
what is the document that ends ww1 in 1919 called? the treaty of versailles.it was a punitive document ment to punish only germany for the effects of the war.
who were the big 4? america, britian, france, and italy
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