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Internet Detective


Search Engine Something used on the internet to help you find information easily, "ex. Google".
Internet Hoaxes web sites faked, designed, and made to spoof, or be a "joke".
Scams and Frauds People, whether its online or in person, that try to steal your money & identity.
When on a website, what do you have to look for? WHERE the information is coming from, you could miss a lot of information.
Plagiarism "Copying & Pasting" things from the internet for your own use.
Common mistakes that are made by students are they ignore ____ ___ ______. Other key sources.
When students are on the web they usually don't __________ ________ the quality of the info. critically evaluate.
The Academic Publishing Process usually publish their research in formal publications such as journals, papers, and articles.
Peer Review/ Refereeing A publication that's been read, checked, and authenticated by "your peers"(the third party).
Scholarly Journals Peer reviewed articles that are published by university's.
Electronic Journals Online journals from your/a university put on the web instead of using a library.
Dangers that the information on the internet will hold. They will be a source that is unreliable, lacking in authority, and credibility.
The internet sources can also have: Content that is invalid, inaccurate, out-of-date.
S________ C________ A_________ M__________ Scheming, Crafty, Aggressive, Malicious.
URL stands for _________. Uniform Resource Locator.
.ac & .edu _______ or _________ servers academic or educational
.co/.com ____________ servers Commercial.
.gov ____________ servers government.
.org ___-governmental, __-profit making organizations Non-governmental, non-profit making organizations.
____________ of the URL to learn more about the site. It can be very useful to delete part of the _______________ of the URL to see where the new, shorter URL takes you. Deleting Parts, Right Hand Side.
Created by: jake.lyons16
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