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Unit 2

Surgical Suffixes, Hematology, & Diagnostic Imaging

blastocyte immature cell
cardialgia heart pain
cardiologist physician specialist in heart disease
cardiomegaly enlarged heart
cyanoderma blueness of the skin
cyanosis condition of blueness
cytologist a technologist who studies cellular disease
cytology the science of studying cells
cytometer instrument used to count cells
cytometry process of using a cytometer
dermatology the science of studying the skin
dermatome instrument used to cut slices of skin tissue
duodenal pertaining tot he duodenum (adj)
duodenotomy incision into the duodenum
duodenum first part of the small intestine
echocardiography sonography of the heart
electrocardiogram picture (tracing) representing the electrical activity of the heart during the cardiac cycle
electrocardiograph instrument that produces the electrocardiogram
erythema (erythroderma) reddened skin
erythremia abnormally red blood due to too many erythrocytes
erythroblast immature red blood cell
erythrocytes red blood cells
erythrocytopenia low number of erythrocytes
erythrocytosis high number of erythrocytes
erythroderma redness of the skin
etiology the study of the origin of the cause of disease
gastralgia stomach pain
gastrectomy excision of the stomach
gastric pertaining to the stomach (adj)
gastroduodenostomy making a new opening between the stomach and duodenum
gastromegaly enlarged stomach
gastrostomy making a new opening in the stomach
histoblast immature tissue cells
histology the science of studying tissues
hypodermic pertaining to below the dermis
inflamed verb form for inflammation
inflammation tissue condition of redness, swelling, heat
jaundice yellow appearance due to high bilibrubin level in the blood
leukemia blood cancer involving leukocytes and bone marrow
leukocyte white blood cell
leukocytopenia low number of leukocytes
leukocytosis high number of leukocytes
leukoderma (vitiligo) abnormally white skin
lymphatic pertaining to the lymph system
lymphedema obstructed lymph vessels causing fluid buildup in tissues (swelling)
lymphocyte lymphatic system white blood cell
megalomania abnormally enlarged self-image
melanocyte pigment cell
melanoderma dark patches of skin
pathologist physician specialist in the study of disease
pathology the science of studying disease
radiogram x-ray picture (film)
radiograph instrument used to produce the radiogram or the x-ray film
radiologist physician specialist in the interpretation of radiograms and other diagnostic imaging modalities
sonogram image of the body produced by computerized reflected sound
sonograph instrument that reflects sound waves through the body, picks them up with a transducer, and uses a computer to create an image of body structures
sonographer technologist who performs sonography
sonography process of using a sonograph
thrombocytes platelets, blood-clotting cell fragments
thrombocytopenia low number of thrombocytes
thrombocytosis high number of thrombocytes
tomogram picture made by a tomograph
tomograph instrument that uses x-ray to produce images through planes of the body
xanthemia (carotenemia) yellow condition of the blood
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