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Chapter 8 section 1

What is a Republic? A government system in which the citizens got to pick their leader.
Who are the Tarquins? They were ruling people who were very cruel to citizens.
Who were Romulus and Remus? Two brothers in a myth that were said to be saved by a wolf and raised by a shepherd and when they were older Romulus was said to kill Remus and name Rome after himself.
What were the Apennines? A mountain range that runs from north to south of the boot of Italy.
Who were the Latins? They built Rome on a plain called Latium. They built Rome on seven hills and so that the Romans could easily defend their city.
Who was Aeneas? A Trojan hero Aeneas He and a band of followers are said to have sailed the Mediterranean Sea after the Greeks captured Troy. And became the father of Rome.
Who were the Etruscans? They were skilled metalworkers who became rich because of mining and trade. They changed Rome from a village of straw houses to brick and wood houses, they also had a been a role model for the Roman Army.
What was important about Rome's Geography? Rome was a peninsula, the landscape was similar to Greece, but Rome had better soil, Rome was located next to the Tiber river which gave Romans their water and it was far enough from pirate raids.
What was a legion? A small group of Roman soldiers.
Who was Virgil? A famous Roman poet who wrote Aeneid.