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Rise of Europe

Three vows that benedectine monks take 1.obedience 2.poverty 3.chastity
3 steps to becoming a guild member 1.apprentice-trainee 2.journeyman-salaried workers 3.guild master-expert in trade area
three cultures that contributed to the legacy of charlemagne German,Roman, Christian
What was heierarchy of feudal society and how was population broken down between the groups Largest group were the peasents
what is the name of the church action that excommunicated an entire town or region interdict
serf a peasent bound to land
capital money for investment
what are the responsibilities and the definition of a knight mounted warrior
what did the missi dominic do to make sure nobels are doing their job
what was the purpose of the cluniac reforms church corruption
How did Munks and Nuns improve life cared for sick and poor
tithe tax the church required Christians to pay
What does the word secular mean in reference to the middle ages worldly
an estate granted to a vassal fief
Excommunication penalty that prohibbited individual Christians from receiving the sacraments
what was the most important activity in a medieval town trade
What group conquered a former roman province Province-Gaul Franks- conquered Gaul
What were the responsibilities of noblewomen Except-learn to read and write
Code of chivalry Code of conduct adopted by knights
Activities of an apprentice Trainee- working to join a guild
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