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Ch.30 Alexander

History Alive! The Ancient World ©2004 TCI

What happened in 431 B.C.E. in Greece? Sparta declared war on Athens
In what area of Greece was Sparta located? Peloponnesus
What was the name of the war between Sparta and Athens? the Pelopponesian War
How long did the Peloponnesian War last? 27 years
When was the Pelopponesian War? 431 to 404 B.C.E.
Who won the Pelopponesian War? Sparta
Who defeated Sparta after the Pelopponesian War? Thebes
How far did Alexander the Great's rule extend? from Macedonia to India
Which Macedonian king took advantage of the Peloponnesian War and conquered Greece? King Philip II
What was Macedonia like before King Philip II took over? a collection of scattered tribes
What was Macedonia like after King Philip II took over? a unified state with a well-trained army
What happened to King Philip II in 336 B.C.E.? he was murdered
Who was King Philip II's son? Alexander the Great
How old was Alexander when he became king? 20
What famous Greek philosopher taught Alexander? Aristotle
What was Alexander's first action as king? he put down a rebellion by some of the Greek city-states
What dream of his father did Alexander accomplish? to invade Persia
How did Alexander think fighting the Persian would help Greece? it would unify them by giving them a common enemy
When did Alexander invade Asia Minor? 334 B.C.E.
What was Alexander's strategy to conquer an empire? terror and kindness
What were the three key parts of Alexander's plan to create an empire? spread Greek culture, use religion, and show respect to other cultures
What was the main strategy that Alexander used to spread Greek ideas? he built Greek-style cities
What iconic features of Greek cities did Alexander include in the cities he created? marketplaces, temples, and theaters
What was the most famous city that Alexander created? Alexandria
Where was Alexandria? Egypt near the sea
How many books did Alexandria's library contain? half a million
In what ways did Alexander use religion to inspire loyalty? he honored Egyptian and Persian gods as equal to Greek gods; and he encouraged the belief that he was a god himself
What did Alexander start wearing after visiting the Egyptian oracle? a crown of two rams' horns
What did Alexander's crown represent? the sacred headdress of Ammon
How did Alexander demand that visitors greet him? in the Persian style
What's the Persian style of greeting? to kneel and bend over until one's head touched the ground
How did Alexander respond to a Persian greeting? raised his visitor to his feet, kissed him, and called him "kinsman"
What kind of marriage did Alexander encourage? marriage between Macedonians and Persians
Whom did Alexander marry? the eldest daughter of Darius
Why did Alexander marry Darius' daughter? to show respect to the Persians and to symbolize the blending of cultures
What role did Alexander allow Persian governors to play in his government? to run the day-to-day business
What roles did Alexander make sure that Macedonians played in his government? to head the army and control taxation
What happened in 324 B.C.E.? Alexander's armies retreated from India
How old was Alexander when he died? 33
How did Alexander die? swamp fever
What happened to Alexander's empire after he died? it was divided into three separate kingdoms
What were the three kingdoms into which Alexander's empire was divided? Egypt, Asia, and Macdeonia/Greece
What was the lasting effect of Alexander's rule? continuing influence of Greek culture
Created by: mushijima