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ill-constitution lc

how many people in the Illinois sente 59
How many people are inn the house of representatives 118
the number of judicial circuits in Illinois 22
Illinois becomes a state in what year 1818
what year was the Illinois constitution adopted 1970
How many members does the supreme court have 7
The federal government depends on the states for two major responsibilities Approve amendment and electing government officials
we were admitted to the Union as the _ State 21
how many Appelatte courts did we have 5
who was the governor pat quinn
who was the secretary of state Jessie White
Attorney general Lisa madigan
chief executive of the state pat quin
lieutenant governor sheila simon
comptroller Judy baar topinka
treasurer of state Dan rutherford
the lieutenant governor is in charge of what education
the attorney general is what the lawyer for the state and people of illinois
the secretary of state has what the largest and most diverse office of its kind in the nation, providing more direct services to Illinois citizens than any other public agency.
what are three ways the state gets there money Federal aid, income tax, and sales tax
which district are we in 79
who is the senator of the 40th legislation district Toi Hutchinson
who is the state Representative of the 79th legislative district Kate cloonen
if a bill is passed before then it becomes a law on what. may 31, January 1st
if a bill is passed after may 31, then the bill becomes a law of next year June 1st
Where can a bill start house of representatives or the senate
what do they do on day one they introduce the bill
what do they do on the second day they amend the bill
what do they do on the third day they debate and vote on the bill
if both chambers agree, the bill is sent to where the governor
if one chamber agrees on the bill and another one doesn't the bill goes back to the chamber where it originated from to be voted on again
a simple majority is needed to pass a bill what is the percent needed to pass a bill 51% of the votes
the governor can and veto and veto the bill completely
if a bill isn't signed within 60 days the bill automatically becomes a law
to be eligible to serve as a member of the Illinois general assembly you must be a united states citizen at least 21 years old and reside in the district being represented for at least 2 years prior to the election or appointment
the principal activities are enacting, amending or repealing laws
who is our current chief justice of the Illinois supreme court THOMAS L. KILBRIDE
what was Illinois's first capitol kaskaskia
then what was the second capitol vandalia
then our final one is Springfield
state tree white oak
state flower violet
state song illinois
state snack food popcorn
state bird cardinal
state slogin Land of Lincoln
state insect monarch butterfly
state animal white tail deer
state fish bluegil
state dance square dance
first amendment since the 1970 Illinois constitution cutback amendment, which reduces the size of the house of representatives
the third amendment is it denies bail to criminals with a life sentence
the forth amendment denied bail to criminals who might be a threat to the community
Article 1 is bill of rights
article 2 is the power of the state or federal aid
article 3 is suffrage(voting) and elections
article 4 is the legislative branch
article 5 is the executive branch
article 6 is the judicial branch
article seven is local government
article 8 is finance
article nine is revenue
article 10 is education
article eleven is environment
article twelve is militia
David O'Connell is the village president of St. Anne
before there was 118 representatives there was 177 representatives before the first amendment was added
how many amendment were added eleven 11
john j cullerton is the senate president
michael j madigan is the speaker of the house
supremem court justices are elected for 10 terms
appellate judges are alo elected for 10 terms
circuit judges are elected every 6 years
Katie cloonen is the Representative for the 79th district
thomas l. kilbride is the chief justice of our current Illinois supreme court
the fifth amendment reduces voting ages for ever us citizen voting in state elections from 21 years to 18 years and the permanent requirement from six moths to 30 days preceding any election
if a bill is vetoed the general assembly may override the veto with a simple majority of 3/5
who is the senator of the 40th legislation dustrict Toi Hutchinson
since 1970 every people would be asked if they wanted a new comstitution. every 20 years
what was the first year asked 1988 they said 2,727,144no and 900,109 said yes
when was the second 2008 and they mo siad 3,062,365 and yes aid 1,493,013
Which Branch has the power to pardon criminals executive
Which Judicial District is Cook County in? 1
What year was the first Illinois Constitution Adopted 1818
How many people does Illinois send to the Legislative Branch in Washington D.C? 21
After the third reading the bill is debated and voted on
After the first reading the bill is introduced
After the second reading the bill can be amended
article three is suffrage(voting) and elections what are the voting disqualifications a person convicted of a felony, under a sentence or correctional institution or jail, shall lose right to vote, right shall be restored not later upon the completion of the sentence, can't vote due to criminal actions
Springfield has been capitol since 1853
you spell capital with an o
kaskaskai was our first states capitol city
the state is divided into 5 judicial districts
the 1st judicial district consists of cook county in district 1 of the judicial districts
the supreme court has judges 7 judges
three of the judges will be elected from the first judicial district
there is one discrimination it's you can be told you can't work somewhere because of your . age
the Illinois state board of education sets educational policies and guidelines for public and private schools, preschool through grade 12.
you need a % vote to override the governor 60%
the states revenue is federal aid income tax and sales tax
the treasurer is also in charge of low-interest loan programs to enhance communities and encourage economic growth.
the secretary of state is also in charge of the police
state budget is health care, education, and human services
the legislative branch is in charge of of the senate and house of representatives how a bill is passed, and
the executive branch is in charge of all of the offices in the executive branch and the education and revenue and the state budgets
the judicial branch is in charge of the supreme court the circuit courts and the appellate courts and the state capitals and official state symbols
article three says that u have to live in Illinois 30 days and have to be 18 to vote
The General Assembly introduces and passes legislation involving policy and administration of state and local affairs, taxes and spending.
How many state Representatives do we send to Washington D.C.? 19
Which branch is responsible for passing legislation involving state policy. legislative
Which branch of the Illinois Government controls the budget of the State. executive
Which branch of the Illinois Government interprets the Illinois Constitution. judicial
State senators are elected every how many years 6 years
What Illinois Senatorial District does our school sit in? 40
Who is in charge of each of the Circuit Courts? chief judge
When did the most recent Constitution become effective July 1st 1971
Berenice owns a restaurant and is hiring but will only interview people over 18. Is this legal? yes
Who has the power to raise Revenue in the state by law? the General Assembly
What is our 2nd biggest form of Revenue? income tax
Who is the commander and chief of the state militia the governor
St. Anne would be referred to as a 'Municipality' true
Appellate court ruling will overrule the rulings of the Supreme Court false
If the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor were tragically killed in a plane accident. What would be the correct order of Gubernatorial Succession. attorney General, secretary of state
How many sections are there in the first Article of the Illinois Constitution 24
This office is the chief fiscal operator of the state comptroller
Which branch is responsible for passing legislatation involving taxes legislative
What Illinois Representative District does our school sit in? 79
Who is the Governors person on education reform lieutenant governor
How many times must a bill be read in each chamber? 3
State Representatives are elected every _____ years 2 years
The Legislative Branch can impeach and convict members of which branch? judicial and executive
Mr. Crosswell is 23, is a United States citizen, and has lived in the district that he's going to be elected for 6 years. Can he be a member of the Illinois Legislative Branch? yes
What year was the first Illinois Constitution Adopted 1818
our current constitution was in 1970
What happens that forces us to create new district boundaries census
Which branch must you have a law degree in order to participate within the Branch? judicial
how many people are in the general assembly 177 118+59=177
how many people are their all together in all three branches? 211 177+28+6= 211
how many courts are there in all 28 22+5+1=28
state senators are elected every years 6 years
Quartay is 65, is a United States citizen, and has lived in the district that he's going to be elected for 6 months. Can he be a member of the Illinois Legislative Branch? no
Which of the following rights does the Illinois Bill of Rights not protect? freedom of press
Who is the State Representative that represents us in Springfield in the Illinois General Assembly Kate cloonen
Created by: laurenc103
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