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Gross 2


Q What m. passes through the lat. arcuate ligaments of the diaphragm? What are the attachments of this lig? A quadratus lumborum, from ribs to TVP's
Q what m. passes through the medial arcuate ligament of the diaphragm? A psoas
Q What are the three main foramen through the diaphragm? What levels are they, and what passes through them? A Vena Cava at T8, Esophagus at T10, and aorta/thoracic duct at T12
Q Which of the foramen through the diaphragm enlarges/pinches on inspiration? A vena cava enlarges, esophagus pinches, aortic does nothing (because it passes under median arcuate lig (N195)
Q What is the last branch of the thoracic aorta? What is the first branch of the abdominal aorta? A Last branch in the thorax is the sup. phrenic, first branch in the abdomen is the inf. phrenic
Q What is the innervation of the psoas major?*** A L2-4, from the lumbar plexus***
Q what is the innervation of the iliacus m.? A femoral n.
Q This m. originates from the discs of T12-L5, as well as the Lumbar TVP's/bodies A psoas major
Q What m. originates from the iliolumbar lig?*** A quad. lumborum***
Q What would the action of the quad lumborum be? A protects the kidneys, holds down rib 12 for deep inspiration, and of course extension/lat flexion
Q Where does the lumbar plexus form?*** A within the psoas major m.***
Q Where does the subcostal n. pass in relation to the quad lumborum m.? What n. also crosses just inf? A crosses ant., with the iliohypogastric below it (N496)
Q does the genitofemoral n. cross over the quad lumborum m? A No, it pierces it anteriorly
Q This n. may present as a common stem with the iliohypogastric, but usually will pierce the psoas major. A ilioinguinal (N496)
Q Which n. from the lumbar plexus enters the inguina canal? A ilioinguinal
Q this n. pierces the psoas major as part of the lumbar plexus, and travels across the middle of the iliacus m. A lat. cutaneous n. of the thigh
Q This is the largest n. of the lumbar plexus, and passes LATERAL to the psoas major*** A femoral n.***
Q This n. from the lumbar plexus actually travels deep to the medial portion of the psoas major m. A obturator n.
Q Is L5 a part of the lumbar plexus? A no
Q What is considered the end of the lymphatic system in the abdomen? A cysterna chyli (N266)
Created by: GrossAnatomy2