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Urinary System


Retroperitoneal Space The space anterior to the vertebrae and posterior to the peritoneum
Contents in Retroperitoneal Space Kidneys, Ureters, Suprarenal gland, Aorta, IVC, Sympathetic trunk, and Lymphatic Glands
The inferior part of the Left Kidney is found in what level? L3
The inferior part of the right kidney is found in what level L4. It is lower than the left kidney because of the liver.
What is found anterior of the right kidney Duodenum, liver, colon
What is found anterior of the left kidney spleen, pancreas, colon
Anterior to Posterior: Arteries, Ureter, Veins Veins, Arteries, Ureter
What is found anterior to the right ureter? Duodenum, ileum, rightcolic and ileocolic vessels, right gonadal vessels, small intestine mesentery (right part)
What is found posterior to the right ureter? Right psoas muscle
What is found anterior to the left ureter? Sigmoid colon, Left colic artery, left gonadal vessels, Inferior mesenteric vein lies medial side of the left ureter
What is found posterior to the left ureter? Right psoas muscle Pelvis: Sacroiliac joint
Renal Fascia Encases the kidneys and attaches to the hilum
In perinephric abscesses, what is preventing the spread of pus to the contralateral side? The attachment of the renal fascia to the hilum.
Be able to identify the kidney coverings and the muscles in its vicinity. Psoas muscle, Psoas sheath, renal fascia, renal capsule, peritoneum, pararenal fat
Psoas abscess Vertebrae--> Psoas sheath --> Psoas abscess
What are the 3 constrictions of a ureter 1. Pelviureteric junction 2. Crossing of pelvic brim 3. Entering in bladder
Tributaries: Lt renal vein Lt. gonadal vein Lt. suprarenal vein
Blood supply of the upper 1/3 of ureter Renal Artery
Blood supply of the middle 1/3 of ureter Lt. testicular or ovarian artery
Blood supply of the lower 1/3 of ureter Superior vesical artery
Kidney injury at the cortex subcapsular hematoma
Kidney injury at the cortex and capsule Hematoma
Kidney injury at the renal capsula communicating with renal pelvis hematuria
Kidney injury at the hilum 1) Ischemia (renal artery) 2) Affects organs supplied by Renal Artery 3) Obstruction Gonadal vein (varcocele)
What do you see inside a urinary bladder? Trigone, urethral opening, and mucosa
Sympathetic innervation to the bladder hypogastric plexus
Parasympathetic innervation to the bladder Pelvic splanchnic
Parasympathetic action: Bladder Contraction of bladder muscle and inhibition (relaxation) of sphinter and vesicae (micturation)
Sympathetic Action: Bladder Inhibits contraction, stimulate closure of sphincter, vesicae, ejaculation
Neurovascular Supply of Bladder: Parasympathetic 1) Motor to the detrusor muscle 2) Parasympathetic stimulation contraction of the detrusor muscle 3) Relaxation of the internal urethral sphincter-micturition
Neurovascular Supply of Bladder 1) Contraction of internal sphincter 2) Ejaculation of semen in and prevent reflux of semen into bladder
Lymphatic drainage: Superior Part of Bladder External Iliac lymph node
Lymphatic drainage: Inferior Part of Bladder Internal Iliac lymph node
Lymphatic drainage: Neck of the Bladder Common Iliac nodes or sacral lymph node
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