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M6 13-005

Exam 8: Reproductive System; D/O of the Male Reproductive System

Phimosis: Etiology Condition in which the prepuce is too small to allow retraction of the foreskin over the glans
Phimosis: Pathophysiology Often congenital May be a result of local inflammation Rarely severe enough to obstruct urine flow Does not permit adequate cleansing
Phimosis: Assessment/Dx Inability to retract the foreskin
Phimosis: Medical Management Circumcision
Phimosis: Nursing Intervention Dressing Changes Bleeding Urine Flow
Hydrocele: Etiology Accumulation of fluid between the membranes covering the testicle and the membrane enclosing the testicle
Hydrocele: Pathophysiology Scrotum slowly enlarges Pain Occurs Most Hydroceles occur in males over 21 years old Actual cause unknown
Hydrocele: Asessment/Dx Based on physical Exam
Hydrocele: Medical Management Aspiration Surgical Removal
Hydrocele: nursing Interventions Bed Rest Scrotal support with elevation Ice to edematous areas Frequent dressing changes to avoid skin impairment
Varicocele: Etiology Veins within the scrotum become dilated
Varicocele: Pathophysiology Obstruction and malfunctioning of the veins Often seen in men with low fertility
Varicocele: Assessment/Dx Pulling sensation Pain Edema
Varicocele: Medical Management Surgical removal of the obstruction Ligation of the spermatic vein
Varicocele: Nursing Interventions Bed Rest Scrotal support Ice on the incision site Medication for discomfort as ordered
Testicular Torsion: Etiology A twisting of the spermatic cord resulting in a kinking of the artery, therby compromising blood flow to the testicle.
Testicular Torsion: Pathophysiology Spermatic cords are congenitally unsupported May follow severe exercise May occur during sleep May occur after a simple maneuver such as crossing legs
Testicular Torsion: Assessment A sudden, sharp testicular pain N/V, chills, & fever Extremity tender testis with swelling pain intensifies with elevation of the scrotum
Testicular Torsion: Medical Management Immediate surgery
Testicular Torsion: Nursing interventions Pre-op: Administer prescribed analgesia for pain Post-op: apply scrotal support Inspect dressing for signs of drainage Administer ABx if ordered Report any sudden onset of pain to the physician
Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Etiology & Pathophys Functional ED anatomical ED Neurological Abnormalities affect erectile function Radical prostatectomy Medications Illicit or abused substances Diseases
Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Diagnosis Based on client history and physical exam
Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Medical management Assessment of the causative factors Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) Hormonal replacement (testosterone) Mechanical devices
Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Nursing Management Pt education (meds, Implant, Infection)
Created by: jtzuetrong