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Working together in Joint Warfare constitutes what concept? Team
Competent joint war fighters must be skilled in thinking about all of the following except Conducting force shaping training
Which value does not have special impact on the conduct of joint operations? Excellence in all we do
Which goal is achieved as the result of effective unified action? National
Which term is not used in reference to unified action in the military? Familiarization
The secretary of a military department operates that department under all the following except Planning
The commanders of geographic commands are each assigned a geographic Area of responsibility
Which of the following is not a functional command? United States Personnel Command {USPERCOM)
Unity of command means that all forces operate under A single commander
What authorizations were reduced during Program Budget Decision {PBD)720 to save money? Manpower
The information technology solution provided to commanders to support their personnel needs is better known as? Base-level service delivery model (BLSDM}
Which element is not part of the new Military Personnel Section (MPS) structure? Career Enhancement
Manpower, Personnel, and Services structures were not organized to Minimize overtime
During Phase I of Mission Support Squadron testing (MSS), each organization was realigned and consolidated into how many flights? 5
How many flights comprise the Force Support Squadron (FSS)? 5
Within the Personnel Services Deliver (PSD) plan, what group of personnel absorbed some of the work formerly done in the Military Personnel Flight (MPF)? Commander's Support Staff (CSS}
Before the Total Force Service Center (TFSC), when personnel specialists were asked a question they could not answer,they contacted the Major Command (MAlCOM}
If you are in the rank of E-6 or below and have a question that Total Force Service Center (TFSC) personnel cannot answer, A trouble ticket is submitted with your name and your question
Which group is not serviced by Military Personnel Section (MPS) personnelist? Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard members
The Military Personnel Section (MPS) was created based on what concept? Learning Organization
The difference between the new concept of the Military Personnel Section (MPS) and the old concept of the Military Personnel Flight (MPF) is, rather than assign specific individuals to specific tasks Each personnelist is responsible tor learning all tasks in their area.
Once Program Budget Decision {PBD) 720 hit the ground running, many of the daily operations of the commander's support staff {CS)) was Reassigned to individuals amongst the squadron.
Which personnel action is not required to be completed by commander­ appointed individuals? Decoration processing
How many personnel activities are there? 2 (GSU and SPA]
Which office is responsible for the personnel activities? Military personnel section
A unit is considered a Geographically Separated Unit {GSU) if it is not within what driving time (one way) of its servicing Military Personnel Section (MPS)? One hour
Who determines which military personnel responsibilities are performed by the Satellite Personnel Activity (SPA)? Manpower and personnel flight commander
When AF population does not warrant a Military Personnel Section (MPS), what authority may a request to establish a SPA? Major Command {MAJCOM}
The classification structure was designed to ensure the Air Force consisted of the proper number of people, with the proper level of what? Responsibility
The duties and responsibilities of each rank were designed to ensure that each person at each rank had the proper level of Knowledge
Which criteria for career progression is not provided by the classification system? Promotion
An Air Force specialty code (AFSC) is a Grouping of positions requiring similar skills and qualifications
The list of duties and responsibilities for any enlisted specialty can be found in the Enlisted classification directory
Within the classification structure, what identifier is used to identify positions or persons not elsewhere identified? Reporting identifiers
Within the classification structure, what identifier is used to identify experience and training not otherwise identified in the personnel data system? Special experience
Within the classification structure, what identifier is used to identify manpower positions and persons performing duties not within a specific career field? Special duty identifiers
An individual's ineligibility to retain the desired specialty code, will be characterized as Disqualified
When declared disqualified for reasons within control, prior to initiating retraining, what must commanders consider? Separation
Which of the following is not an example of disqualification for reasons within a member's control? A medical condition
What is not a specific duty of the personnelist career field? Conducts interview to determine individual interests
Responsibilities of the personnelist does not include having to Oversee personnel activities and functions
United State documents that contain foreign government information are marked on the Front cover and first page
The first marking in the subject line of an E-mail will be the overall classification of the E-mail. Which symbol is not used for this action? (TS) for top secret
When classified documents are removed from secured storage, they are kept under constant surveillance, which standard form (SF) cover sheets • shall be places on all documents? SF 703, SF 704, and SF 705
A one-time verbal attestation for all military and civilians with a top secret {TS) eligibility or access to a specially controlled access category or compartment is given under the authority of which office? The Secretary of Defense
When a person refuses to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NdA) for access to classified information, the commander (or equivalent) of staff agency chief does all of the following except Grants temporary access to classified information until the form is signed
Personnel requiring access to secure rooms containing classified information can enter With the appropriate security clearance and a need to know tor the classified information
Why is it important to consider your environment when hand carrying sensitive material? The material may get contused
When couriers are transporting laptops and disks containing classified information, they must Keep laptops and disks under constant surveillance or in secure facilities
When transporting laptops and disks, couriers must do al•l of the following except Completely erase laptops and disks before transporting
Documentation is not required for hand carrying classified material to activities Within an installation
As a personnelist,your main job is to Provide service to customers
The first thing you notice when meeting someone is their appearance, so it is important to maintain a professional appearance At all times
Which communication skill is considered to be the most neglected? Listening
In respect to the Privacy Act, Department of Defense (DoD) policy allows individuals to do all of the following except Allow individuals unwarranted access to other people's record
Release of personal information to third parties is appropriate when the subject Agrees in writing
What information does not require written consent from the subject before being released? Basic pay information
Written consent is required for release of what information? Age
When balancing the public interest against the individual's probable loss of privacy, all are considered factors to not consider except Date of request
What system was designed to consolidate military personnel record processing efforts? Automated records management system (ARMS
Which is not a reason for the consolidation effort of military record into a single system? Reduce customer inquiries
Within the electronic record processing system,what application is considered an electronic viewer containing role based access (RBA)? Personnel records display application (PRDA}
Personnel records display application (PRDA) is considered an application module of what system? Virtual personnel services center (vPSC
Which personnel records display application (PRDA) does not require the establishment and authentication of the user's identity? Virtual military personnel system (vMPF)
Role based access (RBA) provides a means to name and describe relationships between individuals and rights, which user to acquire a role of access? Attached
Custodians are required to make the Officer Command Selection Record Group {OCSRGp) for most line of the Air Force (LAF) officers in the grade of captain after how many years of active commissioned service? Seven
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