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Divisions Of Bone

Divisions Of A Long Bone and Interior Bone Structure

On a long bone what is the name of the: Shaft/middle region? Diaphysis
On a long bone what is the name of: Each ends? Epiphysis
On a long bone what is the name of the: cartilage tissue that constantly replaced by new bone tissue as the bone grows. Cartilage cells form new bones that lengthens bone during childhood and adolescence & calcifies & disappears when bone has fully grown? Epiphyseal line/plate or growth plate
On a long bone what is the name of the: flared portion of the bone; that is adjacent to the epiphysis plate? Metaphysis
On a long bone what is the name of the: Strong fibrous, vascular membrane that covers the surface of bones, except at the ends of the epiphyses, and has an extensive nerve supply? Periosteum
On a long bone what is the name of the: Ends of a long bone & the surface of any bone that meets another bone to form a joint, that is very smooth, strong, & slick tissue. It cushions the joint & allows it to move smoothly & efficiently? Articular Cartilage
On a long bone what is the name of the: Layer of hard, dense bone that lies under the Periosteum in all bones & lies chiefly around the diaphysis of long bones? Compact (Cortical) Bone
On a long bone what is the name of the: Compact (cortical) bone channels? Haversian Canals
On a long bone what is the name of the: Compact bone is tunneled out in the central shaft of the long bone, contains yellow bone marrow, which is composed chiefly of fat cells? Medullary Cavity
On a long bone what is the name of the bone that the: Mineral matter in it is laid down in a series of separated bony fibers that make up a spongy latticework, the spaces contain red bone marrow, which consists of immature & mature blood cells. Cancellous Bone or Spongy Bone or Trabecular Bone.
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