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GOVT - Ch 12

The Presidency

chief executive The head of the executive brand of government; in the United States, the president.
commander in chief The supreme commander of a nation's military force.
head of state The person who serves as the ceremonial head of a country's government and represents that country to the rest of the world.
diplomat A person who represents one country in dealing with representatives of another country.
chief diplomat The role of the president of the United States in recognizing and interacting with foreign governments.
patronage The practice of giving government jobs to individuals belonging to the winning political party.
treaty A formal agreement between the governments of two or more countries.
executive order A presidential order to carry out a policy or policies described in a law passed by Congress.
signing statement A written statement, appended to a bill at the time the president signs it into law, indicating how the president interprets that legislation.
executive agreement A binding international agreement, or pact, that is made between the president and another head of state and that does not require Senate approval.
executive privilege An inherent executive power claimed by presidents to withhold information from, or to refuse to appear before, Congress or the courts; can be accorded by president to other executive officials.
Watergate scandal A scandal involving an ellegal break-in at the Democratic National Committee offices in 1972 by members of President Nixon's reelection campaign staff. Before Congress could vote to impeach Nixon for his participation, he resigned.
cabinet An advisory group selected by the president to assist with decision making; traditionally consists of heads of executive departments and other president-appointed officers.
kitchen cabinet The name given to a president's unofficial advisers; coined during Andrew Jackson's presidency.
Executive Office of the President (EOP) A group of staff agencies that assist the president in carrying out major duties; established by FDR in 1939 to cope with increased responsibilities of the Great Depression.
White House Office The personal office of the president; handle political needs and manage media.
chief of staff The person who directs the operations of the White House Office and advises the president on important matters.
press secretary A member of the White House staff who holds news conferences for reporters and makes public statements for the president.
Office of Management and Budget (OMB) An agency in the EOP that assists the president in preparing and supervising the administration of the federal budget.
National Security Council (NSC) A council that advises the president on domestic and foreign matters concerning the safety and defense of the nation; established in 1947.
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