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Food Safety Test 4

What are some hazards that require the closure of an operation? significant lack of refrigeration, backup of sewage into operation or water supply, emergency like fire or flood, significant infestation, long interruption of water or electrical service, clear evidence of foodborne illness outbreak from the operation
What are the roles of federal, state, and local agencies regarding the regulation of food safety in operations? FDA and USDA inspect food and regulate food transported across state lines FDA issues the model food code CDC and PHS conduct research on foodborne illness outbreaks State and local authorities write and adopt food codes and enforce those food codes
What should a manager do during and after an inspection? ask for identification, cooperate, take notes, keep the relationship professional, be prepared to provide records requested by the inspector
What are some factors that determine the frequency of health inspections in an operation? size and complexity of the operation, inspection history, clientele's susceptibility to foodborne illness, workload of the local health department and number of inspectors available
What are the benefits that a self-inspection program provides? Safer food, improved quality, cleaner environment for staff and customers, higher inspection scores
What are some guidelines for conducting a self-inspection? use the same type of checklist that the regulatory authority uses, identify all risks to food safety, after the inspection meet with staff to review any problems
A backup of raw sewage and significant lack of refrigeration can result in? closure of the operation by the regulatory authority
A person arrives at a restaurant claiming to be a health inspector. What should the manager ask for? inspector's identification
Which agency enforces food safety in a restaurant? state or local regulatory authority
Who is responsible for keeping food safe in an operation? manager/operator
How can an operation determine its food safety training needs? testing staff members' food safety knowledge, observing staff job performance, questioning or surveying staff members to identify areas of weakness
What are some methods that can be used to deliver training? on the job, classroom, information search, guided discussion, games, role play, demonstrations, jigsaw design, training videos, technology based training
What are some situations where technology-based training would be appropriate? staff work in different locations/times, costly to bring staff to the same place, staff need retraining, staff have different levels of knowledge/learning skills, staff need to learn at their own pace
Why do you think Ryan was considering a company-wide technology-based training program? see "technology saves the day" it would allow Ryan to deliver food safety training when and where staff members needed it. It also could ensure that all staff received the same information
List some of the situations where technology-based training is most appropriate. see "technology saves the day" staff work in different locations/times, costly to bring staff to the same place, staff need retraining, staff have different levels of knowledge/learning skills, staff need to learn at their own pace, want to collect specific information about training
When should staff receive food safety training? when hired, and then periodically after that
New staff must be trained in the critical areas of personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing, controlling time and temperature, and...? preventing cross-contamination
The manager's responsibility for staff food safety training is to...? make sure that the staff have the knowledge and skills to keep food safe
All new staff should receive training on...? general food safety
What is the first task in training a large group of servers to prevent contamination of food? assess the training needs of the servers on this topic
In which training method does a trainer ask a series of questions to draw on the knowledge and experience of the learners? guided discussion
FDA works with the USDA and the CDC, inspects foodservice operations that cross state borders-interstate operations such as manufactures and processors, and planes and trains because they overlap the jurisdictions of two or more states
FDA Model Food Code Science based reference for retail food operations on how to prevent foodborne illness.these recommendations are issued by the FDA to assist state health departments in making regulations for a foodservice inspection program
CDC agencies of the US department of health and human services that investigate foodborne illness outbreaks, study the causes and control of disease, publish statistical data, and conduct the Vessel Sanitation Program
Food Codes state level food safety regulations that are written and adopted
Health inspectors ci
Training need
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