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MA 70 Female Repr

Module 12 Female Reproductive System Medical Terms

amnion membrane that surrounds the embryo and fetus
amniotomy incision into amnion
amniotic pertaining to amnion
amniorrhea flow of fluid from amnion
cervix neck like structure of the uterus
cervicectomy removal of cervix
cervical pertaining to cervix
cervicitis inflammation of the cervix
endocervicitis inflammation of the mucous membrane within the cervix
vagina area between the vulva and cervix
colpitis inflammation of the vagina
colpoptosis prolapse of the vagina
colposcope instrument to view inside vagina
episiotomy incision into the perineum and vagina to widen the birth canal
episiorrhaphy suture of perineum and vagina
gynecologist specialist in female reproductive system
gynecology branch of study specializing in the treatment and diseases of the female reproductive system
hymen fold of mucous membrane partially closing off the vaginal opening
hymenectomy removal of hymen
hysterectomy surgical removal of the uterus
hysteropexy surgical fixation of uterus
hysterorrhexis ruptured uterus
hysterosalpingo-oophorectomy excision of the uterus, uterine tubes and ovaries
lactic pertaining to milk
lactogen milk production
lactorrhea milk discharge
mammogram x-ray of a breast
mammary pertaining to breast
mammoplasty surgical repair of a breast
mastalgia breast pain
mastitis inflammation of a breast
mastectomy removal of a breast
mastopexy surgical fixation of a breast
menstruation monthly flow, discharge of endometrial lining of the uterus
amenorrhea no menstrual flow
dysmenorrhea painful menstrual flow
oligomenorrhea scanty menstrual flow
menorrhagia abnormal, rapid menstrual flow
endometritis inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus (endometrium)
endometriosis endometrial tissue growing outside it’s normal location
metrorrhea flow from uterus
metrorrhagia rapid (menstrual) blood flow from uterus
neonate newborn
neonatologist specialist in the study of newborn
prenatal before birth
oophoritis inflammation of ovary
oophoroma ovarian cyst
ovarian pertaining to ovary
ovariorrhexis rupture of an ovary
perineum area between the anus and vulva in females and scrotum in males
salpingocyesis tubal pregnancy
salpingectomy removal of fallopian tube
salpingitis inflammation of fallopian tubes
uterine pertaining to uterus
uterovaginal pertaining to the uterus and vagina
vaginal pertaining to vagina
vaginitis inflammation of vagina
vulvopathy any disease of the vulva
menarche first menses
pseudocyesis false pregnancy
nulligravida no pregnancies
primigravida first pregnancy
multigravida multiple pregnancies
nullipara no live births
primipara first live birth
multipara multiple live births
antepartum before birth
postpartum after birth
hematosalpinx blood in fallopian tube
pyosalpinx pus in fallopian tube
dystocia difficult labor and childbirth
atresia congenital lack of normal body opening
gynecology (GYN) branch of medicine specializing in diagnosis and treatment of conditions of female reproductive system; physician is called gynecologist
obstetrics (OB) branch of medicine specializing in diagnosis and treatment of women during pregnancy and childbirth; physician is obstetrician
ovarian cyst cyst develops within ovary; may be multiple cysts; may rupture causing pain and bleeding
menometrorrhagia excessive bleeding during menstrual period and at intervals between menstrual periods
hysteroptosis prolapsed uterus
cystocele hernia or outpouching of bladder protruding into vagina
rectocele protrusion or herniation of rectum into vagina
Endometriosis abnormal condition of endometrial tissue appearing throughout pelvis or abdominal cavity; tissue is normally found within uterus
fibroid tumor benign tumor or growth in the uterus; contains fiber-like tissue
Hysterosalpingography (HSG) Procedure of taking an X-ray after injecting radiopaque material into uterus and uterine tubes
mammography Procedure of taking an X-ray to diagnose breast disease; especially breast cancer
colposcopy examination of vagina using instrument called colposcope
amniocentesis puncturing of amniotic sac using needle and syringe for purpose of withdrawing amniotic fluid for testing
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