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GAP AP test

bureaucratic view the theory that a large, complex organization composed of appointed officials who operate government agencies from day to day
democracy a term used to describe a political system in which the peopl are said to rule, directly or indirectly
direct democracy a political system in which all or most citizens participate directly by either hiolding office or making policy
elite an identifiable group of persons who possess a disproportionate share of some vaued resource such as money or political power
legitimacy political authority conferred by law, public opinion or constitution
marxist view the view of people who believe that those who ontrol the econoimc system also ctonrol the political one
pluralist view the view that competition among all affected interests shapes public policy
power elite view gov is dominated by a few top leaders, most of whom are outside the government and enjoy great advantages in wealth, status, or organizational position
representative democracy a political system in which leaders and representatives acquire political power by means of a competitive struggle for the people's vote. This is the form of gov used by nations that are called democratic
majoritorian politics the politics of policy-making in which almost everybody benefits from a policy and amost everybody pays for it
marxists they believe in the political and economic philosophy in which the concept of clas struggle plays a key role in understanding society's development
authoritarian favoring complete obedience or subjection to authority as opposed to individual freedom (non-democracy)
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