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Maritime History 8

Maritime History Unit 8

Japan agreed to the Naval Disarmament Treaty when the british agreed to not strenghten bases north of austrial or east of singapore
Operation Torch was the code word for the planned invasion of French North Africa
Who were the participants in the famous Casablanca Conference Churchill and Rosevelt
The vichy French forces of World War 2 were reffered to as French forces aligned with the axis powers
Who was in charge of Germany's U-boat attack? Admiral Donitz
What physical conditions were most important to the planners of the normandy invasion? weather,visibility, and the tides
The rapid movement of Allied forces through France was possible mainly because of complete allie control of the air
What operation was the first major attempt by the Allies to take home territory of an Axis nation? Operation Husky
Which of the following DID NOT help in defeating the "wolfpack" Offensive? Kamikiza striking force
What historical event involved the creation of artificial harbors to protect ships that were offloading supplies from the fury of storms? landings on Normandy
The Russians defeated the Germans and turned the tide on the Eastern European Front in the battle of Stalin Grad
What was the name of the group that could attack with depth bombs or call for surface attack support? Hunter Killer group
The term "Axis" was used to refer to Germany, Japan, Italy
What was the single most dangerous weapon of defence used by the Germans along the Normandy beaches? Mines
The U.S. Navy made its last direct contribution to the fight against Germany by transporting troops across the Rine River
Allied assistance to soviet forces went throught the port of Muransk
The Germans entered 1,175 U-Boats into war and lost 781
What was the significance of the battle at Anizo? allowed the allies to occupy Rome and break the German Strangle hold
Operation Overload was the code word for the invasion of Normandy
Who was responsible for leading the first invasion of southern France during daylight? Admirl Heuwitt
Supreme Commander of the allied forces in Europe was Eisenhower
The tactic of several U-boats converging on a merchant ship from all directions at one time was known as the wolf pack
A boarding party from what U.S. ship captured and boarded a German U-Boat uss Guadalcanal
The primary objective of Operation Tortch was to Capture ports in French-moracal and algeria
The German West Wall was known as the Siegfree line
The German submarines had to retreat after a severe losses because of the increase number of surface esscort
the principal objective of the landings at Normandy, beyhold establishing the beachhead itself, was to capture Chuburg so supplies could be handeled quickly
In what city did the German delegation sign the unconditional surrender document? Reims, France
A logistic support system was devised to keep all us naval forces sustained
Where was the last German offensive of the war? belgim
On the eve of September 8, just before the invasion of Italy at Salerno, the Italian government signed an arimists
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