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dig and respir


another name for acute stomatitis cold sore HSV1
causes of stomatitis unknown, suspect lack of B12, folic acid & iron
Recurrance of stomatitis is likely
to confirm a diagnosis of gastroentertis, what type of procedures may be ordered upper GI endoscopy with biopsy
What are name other names of gastroenteritis intestinal flu, traverler's diarrhea, food poisoning
list some things that might contribute to a gastric ulcer stress, speciy food, too much asprin
celiac disease, (Gluten-indiced entreropathy) small intestines marked by a malabsorption, gluten intoleerence
Treatment for celiac disease has to be on a gluten free diet for life
hemorrhoids dialated veins in the mucus membranes of the anus or membrances
Chron's disease chronic inflammation of the ileum. It effects the thickening or toughing of the wall and narrowing of the intestional lumen. The inflammation tends to be patchy or segemented.
what is the cause of Crohn's disease unknown, scienties beleive interaction w/ bacterium, virus, bodies immune system may trigger it, emotional factors, autoimmune system.
List s/s of hiatal hernia heartburn, aggravaited by sitting up, bleching, reflux, dsyphagia
what part of the body is effected by crohn's ileum
what is the leading cause of pancreatitis alcoholism; also the hardest to treat
pancretic cancer ususally occurs in the ____ of the pancreas head
where are peptic ulcers found lower esophagus, pylorus, duodenum, jejunum
Pain at _____________ is a system of appendicitis Mcburney's Patch RLQ
What is the classic systom of ulcerative colitis bloody diarrhea
define diverticulitis acute inflammation of the small, pouch like herniation's in the intestinal wall.
cirrhosis chronic irreverisable degenerative disease of the liver charactized by normal liver cells w/ fibourous scar tissue & other alterations in the liver structure
cholelithiasis gall stones
acute pancreatitis inflammation of the pancreas (mild, self-limiting) life threatening, sudden severe, but usually function can be restored.
cholecystecomy removal of the gall bladder
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