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Emily's Latin Vocab

List of Latin vocab of things or traits that I possess or value in other people.

accipio accept
acriter fiercely
adiuvo help
agilis nimble, agile
gratias agere thank
amicus friend
amo love
aquila eagle
audax daring, bold
benignus kind
cachinnus laughter
caeruleus blue
callidus smart, clever
canis dog
carmen song
caute cautiously
cella sanctuary
cibus food
cogito think, consider
comis polite, courteous
competitor competitor
confido trust
consisto stand one's ground
cura care
diligenter carefully
domus home
dormio sleep
duco lead
erubesco blush
exquisitus special
fessus tired
fidelis faithful, loyal
forte by chance
fortuna fortune, luck
gens family
graviter seriously
habito live
hippopotamus hippopotamus
ignavus lazy
immemor forgetful
impiger energetic
incedo march
insanus crazy
iocus joke
iter journey, progress
laetus happy
lego read
lente slowly
magicus magic
mirabilis marvelous
feles cat
Created by: AutumnPowasnick
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