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RBSG Land Nav

FM 3-25.26

**What is Field Manual for map reading?** FM 3-25.26
What are the basic colors of a map? Black; red-brown; blue; green; brown; red; other
Where is the Legend of the map found? Lower left margin
What are contour lines? Imaginary lines on the ground connecting equal elevation
What are 3 types of contour lines? index; intermediate; supplementary
How many mills are in 1 degree? 17.7
How many Norths are there on a military map? 3 true north; magnetic north; grid north
What must be done to a map before it can be used? It must be oriented
What are the 5 major terrain features found on a map? Hill; Valley; Ridge; Saddle; Depression
What are the 3 minor terrain features found on a military map? draw; spur; cliff
What are 2 supplementary terrain features found on a map? cut; fill
What is a map? A graphic representation of a portion of the earth drawn to scale as seen from above
What is an azimuth? A horizontal angle, measured in a clockwork manner from a north based line expressing direction
What is the distance between grid lines on a combat map? 1 kilometer or 1000 meters
How many mils are there in a circle? 6400 mils in 360 degrees
Name two methods to hold a compass compass to cheek method; center hold method
What is aback azimuth? the opposite direction of an azmiuth
How do you find the back azimuth? add 180 degrees if less than 180; subtract 180 if greater than 180 degrees
What is general rule for reading a map? right then up
How many sights does a compass have? 2
What is a benchmark? a man-made object showing elevation
What does UTM stand for Universal Transverse Mercator
Each click of a bezel ring is equal to how many degrees? 3
How many times would the bezel ring click if it were fully rotated? 120
The arrow on a compass points to which north? magnetic north
What does the term FLOT mean? Forward Line Of Troops
What are the two scales on a compass? Degrees; mills
What are the four quadrants on a map NE; NW; SE; SW
What is the name of the map system the US uses? UTM
How close will an 8 digit grid get you? 10 meters
How close with a 6 digit grid get you? 100 meters
Created by: james_w85