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Endo Euro Terms

Endo Euro Terminology

aden/o   gland  
goiter enlargement of thyroid gland
polydipsia excessive thirst
alges/o   sensitivity to pain  
andr/o male
angi/o   vessel  
calc/o calcium
caus/o burn, burning
cephal/o   head  
cerebell/o cerebellum
cerebr/o   cerebrum (largest part of the brain)  
comat/o deep sleep
cortic/o cortex, outer region
cry/o cold
dips/o thirst
dur/o dura matter
encephal/o   brain  
esthesi/o nervous sensation
estr/o female
gli/o   neuroglia (glue)  
gluc/o; glyc/o   sugar, glucose  
gonad/o sex glands
home/o sameness, unchanging, constant
hormon/o hormone
hydr/o   water, fluid  
insulin/o insulin
kal/i potassium
kines/o movement
lact/o milk
lept/o thin, slender
lex/o word, phrase
mening/o meninges (membranes covering SC and brain)
meningi/o meninges (membranes covering SC and brain)
my/o   muscle  
myel/o   spinal cord, bone marrow  
myx/o mucos
narc/o   numbness, stupor, sleep
natr/o sodium
neur/o   nerve  
pancreat/o   pancreas  
parathyroid/o parathyroid glands
phys/o (blank)
pituitar/o pituitary gland
pont/o pons (part of the brain)
radicul/o nerve root
somat/o body
spin/o   spine, backbone  
ster/o solid structore, steroid
syncop/o to cut off, cut short, faint
tax/o order, coordination
thalam/o thalamus
thec/o   sheath (of brain and spinal cord)  
thyr/o   thyroid gland, shield
thyroid/o thyroid gland, shields
toc/o labor, birth
toxic/o poison  
troph/o nourishment, development
ur/o   urinary tract, urine  
vag/o vagus nerve
eu-   good, normal  
hemi-   half  
hyper-   excessive, above  
hypo-   deficient, under  
intra-   within, into  
micro-   small  
oxy- swift, sharp, acid
pan-   all  
para-   to bear, bring forth
polio- gray matter
poly-   many, much  
quadri- four
sub-   under, beneath  
tetra- four
tri- three
a-, an-   no, not without
dys-   bad, painful, difficult, abnormal  
epi-   upon, on or above  
agon to assemble, gather
algesia sensitivity to pain
-cele   hernia;herniation  
-ectomy   removal, excision, resection
-emia   blood condition  
esthesia nervous sensation
genic produced by or in
-gram   record  
-graphy   process of recording  
in, ine a substance
-itis   inflammation  
kinesia, kinesis movement
kinetic (blank)
lepsy seizure
-megaly   enlargement  
-oid   resembling;like  
-oma   tumor, mass  
ose full of , pertaining to, sugar
-osis   abnormal condition  
-paresis   slight paralysis  
-pathy   disease, emotion  
phagia eating, swallowing
physis to grow
praxia action
-ptosis   drooping;sagging;prolapse  
-sclerosis   hardening  
stasis to stop, control, place
sthenia strength
tocin labor, birth
tomy process of cutting
trohpy nourishment, development
tropin stimulate, act on
uria urination, condition of urine
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