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RBSG First Aid

FM 4-25.11

What is self aid? Emergency treatment one applies to oneself
Name some items that you might use as a splint from your military gear. Bayonet, Rifle, E-tool, tent poles and stakes, web belt
What is the quickest way to splint a broken leg? Tie the broken leg securely to the unbroken leg
How many pressure points, whcih can be used to control bleeding with fingers, on the human body? 11 1. facial 2. subclavian 3. brachial 4. radial 5. iliac 6. anterior/posterior tibial 7.
**What FM covers first aid for soldiers?** FM 4-25.11
What is First Aid? It is the first care given to casualties before treatment by medical personnel can be made available`
What is the unique feature of type "O" blood? It is a universal donor
How high should an injured limb be elevated above the heart to control bleeding? 2-4 inches
When applying a splint, where should the bandages be tied? The bandages should be tied with knots against the splint.
Should a casualty be given water to drink? he should not eat or drink
Should you ever remove or loosen a tourniquet? No, only qualified medical personnel can do that
How can you prevent athlete's foot? Keep your feet clean, use foot powder and change socks daily
Name 3 categories of heat injuries Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps
What are the signs and symptoms of heat cramps? 1. Cramping in the extremities, 2. Abdominal cramps, 3. Excessive sweating
What are some S/S of heat exaustion Excessive sweating with pale cool moist skin; headache; weakness; dizziness; loss of appetite; cramping; nausea; urge to defecate; chills; rapid breathing; tingling of hands or feet; confustion
What are the S/S of heat stroke Red skin, hot/dry; weakness; dizziness; confusion; HA; Seizures; nausea; stomach pains; respiration and pulse rapid/weak; unconsciousness
What are the two basic types of fractures? Open (Compound); closed (simple)
With an open fracture, what should you do first? stop the bleeding
What are the three types of bleeding? Capillary; venous; arterial
Name 4 common points for checking pulse Carotid; femoral; radial; posterial tibial
S/S of shock Clammy skin; thirst; loss of blood; confusion; fast breathing; N/V; cyanosis; uncounciousness
What is the treatment for shock? Position the causality on their back; Elevate the Legs; loosen clothing; climatize; reassure; notify medical personnel
How do you stop bleeding? apply a field dressing; manual pressure; elevate the limb; apply a pressure dressing; digital pressure; apply tourniquet
Name two types of rescue breathing mouth to nose; mouth to mouth
How long is direct manual pressure applied to control bleeding? 5 to 10 min
What should you do prior to leaving an unconscious casualty? place the PT on the side to prevent choking on vomit
What is the first indication of frostbite? Skin becomes numb and white particles/patches form
In reference to carrying a casualty, what are the two-man methods? Two man... support carry; arms carry; fore-and aft carry; four hand seat carry; two hand seat carry`
should you put medical cream on a burn? No
Name the four types of burns thermal; electrical; chemical; laser
What are the three categories used in medical evacuation? urgent 2hrs; priority 4hrs; routine 24hrs
What is the FIRST STEP in the first aid of a burn victim? remove the casualty from the source of the burn
What are the 2 prescribed methods for opening an airway? jaw thrust, head tilt chin lift
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