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gace 001 s.s

social study

What industry did New England make their money to survive Fishing/ship building
How did the colonist in New Hampshire govern themselves Town meetings
How did the colonists in Virginia and Massachusetts govern themselves Legislative bodies
How did the Middle Colonies make money Iron,wheat,timber
Who fought in the Civil war (1861-1865) The war was between the North (Union) and the South (confedrates)
Who was President during the Civil war Abraham Lincoln
What was cause(s) of the Civil war Southern states suceeded from the north because of slavery, tariffs (taxes), and states rights. Also wanted states to have more power than govt
Whos raid on Harpers Ferry started the slave revolt. (Hint: union) John Brown
GA,S.C.,TENN,NC.,VIRG,ALA,MISS,LOUS,TEX,ARK,AND FLA were the confedrate states of America. Who was ected Pres of these states Jefferson Davis
George Wahington Carver made what Over 300 products from peanuts
Who flew in Kitty Hawk,NC Orville & Wilbur Wright
Who invented the telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison is famous for Light bulb
How did black cowboys learn their skills Ranching in Mexico
What did black cowboys raise Texas longhorns
What did black cowboys create to make their lives easier Cattle trails that lead to RR states to ship cattle to other states
Who paid the cowboys a highier price for the cattle North/East
Who was Nat Love African American cowboy
What trail lead to Abilene,Ellsworth, and Newton in Kanas Chislom Trail
Why did cattle drives only last about 20 years -people started putting up barbed wire and blocking off their land. -more RR's were built closier to cattle farmers. -the winter of 1886-87 killed many of the cattle
During the Reconstruction (1865-77) the Freedmans Bureau done what Provided food, clothes, medical care to the poor, and set up schools and hospitals
Why is the 13th Amendment important Ended slavery
What amendment made EVERYONE a citizen and protected by law 14th amendment
Why is 15th amendment important Gave all MEN the right to vote, regardless of color
Who is Jim Crowe Created laws to segregate
During the reconstruction era Pres Johnson did not try to do what Put the same members who believed in slavery back on Congress
Who became Pres after Lincoln was shot Andrew Johnson
Who shot Lincoln John Wilkes Booth
Where was Lincoln shot(location) Ford's theater
After the Civil War the South was destroyed,the Union designed ------------ to help rebuild A plan called Reconstruc tion
Who were carpetbaggers People from tbe North that took advantage of others to make money
Why were they called carperbaggers Their bags were made of carpet
What were the black codes They limited the rights of free slaves in travel, voting, and certain jobs
Who was Stonewall Jackson Confedrate general the won the battle of Bull Run
Where was the battle of Bull Run Virginia
Why was the Atlanta Campaign important Sherman (Confed) burnt Atlanta, marched to Sav., and back to N.C. destroying everything
Robert E. Lee(cond) surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant on April 9,1865. Where did this take place Appomattox Courthouse
Why is Gettysburg important Major battle won by the North. Pres. Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address on Nov.1863
Uncle Toms Cabin was wrote by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It was a book about slavery
Emancipation Proclamation was wrote by Abraham Lincoln. Proclamation to free slaves
Who were the people that wanted to free the slaves Abolitionists
When was the Battle of Little Bighorn 1876
Who fought the Battle of Little Bighorn General George Armstrong Custer v/s Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull
What was reason for the Battle of Little Bighorn To force out indians onto reservations after gold was discovered on sacred land
Virginia House of Burgesses is located where Jamestown, Vir
What is imortant about the Virginia House of Burgess It functioned as a form of representative gov't
Created by: mbrannen
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