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Common Roots

Common Root Meanings

ami, amic friend
anthro mankind
aud sound
bell or belli war
bio life
brev briefness
cap take or seize
ced to go, yield
chron time
cogn know
corp body
crac, crat rule, ruler
cred believe
culp guilty
cur, curs to run
dem(o) people
dic speck, say
equ equal
fac, fact, fect, fic to make or do
gen birth
graph writing
greg group
gress to step or move
laud praise
luc light
min small
mor death
mut change
nov new
nym name
pac peace
path feeling
phon sound
pug fight
quer, quis, quir ask
sci to know
scrib, scrip to write
sens, sent to feel
simil same
son sound
soph wisdom
spec to look
sta, stat to stay in position
temp time
tera earth
the, theo god
vac empty
ver truth
vert to turn
vit, viv life
voc, vok call
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