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2W1 A set CDCs book3

URE questions from book 3

(401) Which of the following correctly reflects basic atomic particle placement in an atom Protons and neutrons in the nucleus with electrons in orbit
(401) An electrically unbalanced atom is called an ion
(401) Magnetism is defined as an invisible force with the ability to accomplish mechanical work
(401) Haphazard alignment of the individual molecules causes the effects of their magnetic poles to cancel out
(401) Magnetic lines of force never cross; they bend
(402) Which of the following substances is an insulator Glass
(402) A good conductive material has electrons bound loosely to the nucleus
(402) What is the unit of measure for movement of electrons through a conductor Amp
(402) What does the term current refer to Quantity of electrons flowing past a given point during 1 second
(402) What is the unit of measurement for resistance to current flow Ohm
(402) Any time that a conductor serves as the path for electrons to flow, it develops a magnetic field
(402) What effect does arranging the conductor into a coil have on the magnetic lines of force They are concentrated
(402) What effect will increasing the current have on an electro magnet Strengthens the magnetic field
(403) Which component of a battery generates the negative charge during operation Anode
(403) Which component of a battery generates the positive charge during operation Cathode
(403) The flow of electrons in a battery is always from the anode to the cathode
(403) If a conductor is passed through a magnetic field so that it will pass through the magnetic lines of force, it will generate electrical current
(403) In a generator, the electrons in the conductor will be drawn towards the side of the coil that is closest to the north pole of the magnetic field
(403) Static electricity refers to electricity at rest
(403) When an object gains or loses a large amount of electrons, scientists say it possesses a static charge
(403) The conductivity of some insulating materials is increased by the absorption of moisture under high-humidity conditions
(404) What electrical component is designed to offer a predetermined amount of opposition to current flow in a circuit Resistor
(404) The actual value of carbon-composition resistors can vary from 5 to 20 percent
(404) A three-terminal variable resistor is a potentiometer
(405) What are the two basic components of a switch Contacts and actuators
(405) What is the moveable part of the switch that is manipulated to complete or open the electrical circuit or circuits to allow or inhibit the flow of electrons Actuator
(405) What type of manual switch contains a spring or some other restoring force that returns the actuator to a certain position Biased
(406) What type of circuit breaker is opened by a coil when the current exceeds the values set at the factory Magnetic
(406) What type of circuit breaker is opened by a bimetallic strip when excess current is experienced in a circuit Thermal
(406) Which type of circuit breaker can be opened as well as closed by the operator Switch-type thermal circuit breaker
(406) What is included on push-pull type circuit breakers to indicate an open condition Colored indicator collar
(407) An electrical device used to mechanically switch electrical circuits is a relay
(407) Relays are made to operate on a small amount of current
(407) What kind of relay has two de-energized states Latching
(407) Reed relays filled with inert gas to prevent corrosion
(407) What is the movable part of a solenoid called Plunger
(407) What restores a solenoid to its de-energized state Spring
(408) What three components are found in all circuits Power source, load, and conductor
(408) Which type of wiring diagram is appropriate for large or complicated circuits Schematics
(408) In a schematic diagram push button switches are shown in their normal or biased positions
(409) How do you check electrical equipment before testing and following repair actions Visually
(409) You must visually inspect equipment before testing and following repair actions to check for obvious defects
(409) Which technical order contains inspection and repair information that applies across all aircraft wiring systems 1-1A-14
(409) When cleaning electrical equipment, use only approved cleaning solvents
(409) When do you use compressed air for cleaning electrical equipment Only as a last resort
(410) What is chafing Constant friction (rubbing) between wiring harnesses and the structure to which they are attached
(410) What is the most obvious indication of chafing Exterior damage to cables
(410) To prevent chafing, the slack in a wiring harness between two support points normally should not exceed 1/2 inch
(410) Which of the following conditions is a form of chafing Loose-fitting clamps
(410) What is the only real cure for wire chafing problems Following proper maintenance procedures
(411) A coaxial cable is protected on the outside by a tough outer jacket
(411) What is the primary reason you must take care to never step on a coaxial cable, set anything heavy on it, or bend it sharply Flattens the cable and will change its electrical characteristics
(411) When installing a connector on a coaxial cable, you must use care starting the braid clamp nut to prevent cross-threading
(412) Who should accomplish electrical repairs Qualified personnel only
(412) As a rule, electrical items should have maintenance performed with power off
(412) Maintenance on energized circuits requires a safety observer if the voltage applied to an item exceeds 300 volts
(412) When performing measurements on energized circuits, meters should not be held in your hand
(412) When voltage is applied to equipment being repaired, all nonessential tools should be removed
(413) What device is used to cover or protect the exposed wire access are between the rear of a connector and the end of the bundle braid on cable assemblies or wire bundles Protective boot
(413) What must be done to a salvaged protective boot before re-installation Cleaned with a solvent and then coated with an adhesive when thoroughly dry
(413) What do you use to make a spot tie on protective boots during installation Dacron lacing tape
(413) When shrinking a protective boot for wiring, work slowly from the connector to the braid end
(413) What is the only heat guns presently authorized around fueled aircraft Compressed air/nitrogen heat gun kit
(413) When using self-bonding silicone tape to repair damaged bundle braid, how much overlap must you maintain during the wrapping procedure 50%
(413) What do you use to make a spot tie on silicone tape when repairing a wire braid Dacron lacing tape
(413) The indicating band on the working end of a solderless connector insertion tool determines the correct depth to insert the tool
(413) What is the primary reason that you must never use pin insertion tools with burrs or sharp edges They can cut through the grommet wire sealing webs and destroy the environmental sealing capabilities of a connector
(413) You can tell if a solderless connector contact is completely released and pushed out of the connector because the extraction tool will bottom against the connector face
(414) What are two operational modes of the Fluke 8025A multimeter Range and hold
(414) To return the Fluke 8025A meter to the automatic mode, you must depress the RANGE push botton for more than 1 second
(415) What are the three general types of electrical troubles that develop in electrical circuits Open, short, and grounded circuits
(415) What type of electrical problem will most likely result if a wire breaks from a switch a shorted circuit
(415) A short across a series component usually produces larger than normal current flow in the circuit
(415) Accidental contact between a positive lead and the aircraft or component structure of a frame is called a grounded out circuit
(415) What must the technician use to remove excess flux after making a solder joint Alcohol
(415) What is the expected result if the soldering iron is not hot enough when contact is made to transfer sufficient heat to the component being soldered The solder will "set" before it fuses with the material being joined causing a weaker than expected joint
(415) What is a rosin joint Joint where the flux (and not the solder) binds the joint leaving it not electrically solid
(416) A good fuze or circuit breaker in a malfunctioning circuit normally indicates an open in the circuit
(416) If for some reason, the fuze in a circuit blows or burns out, it is an indication that you have a short to ground in the circuit
(417) When testing a diode, how many measurements must you take Two
(417) When taking resistance measurements on a diode, the larger reading indicates reverse-bias resistance
(417) A standard diode used in a rectifier should have a reverse bias to forward bias ratio of 10 to 1
(418) Troubleshooting is a systematic approach to finding a fault
(418) What are job guides Step-by-step operational procedures
(418) Where do you find troubleshooting trees Job guides
(419) How many levels of electrostatic discharge components are there Two
(419) What is the sensitivity range of level 1 electrostatic discharge components 0 to 16,000 volts
Created by: Vanessa.Pappas
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