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Verbal Analogies

Verbal Analogies Practice

School is to pricipal as office is to manager
Paint is brush as clay is to mold
Knife is to slice as spoon is to stir
Proud is to brag as desparing is to weep
Excited is to thrilled as angered is to enraged
String is to guitar as key is organ
Thesaurus is to synonyms as dictionary is to definitions
Pedestal is to bust as tripod is to camera
Beatician is to salon as musician is to concert hall
Stall is to engine as freeze is to computer
Leave is to bolt as drive is to race
Disseminate is to gather as rip is to mend
Enjoy is to adore as dislike is to loathe
Gaggle is to goose as flock is to sheep
Science fiction is to novel as rhythm and blues is to album
Carpenter is to constructive as instructor is to lesson
Carelessness is to mistake as meticulous is to perfection
Cautious is to heedless as wary is to trusting
Surprised is to jump as amused is to chuckle
Brace is to bolster as accelerate is to hasten
Spider is to arachnid as lobster is to crustacean
Psychology is to mind as anatomy is to body
Cardiologist is to heart as neurologist is to brain
Bushel is to peas as bunch is to bananas
Apathy is to disinterest as tenacity is to resolve
Cup is to coffee as bowl is to soup
Bicycle is to pedal as canoe is to oar
Window is to pane as book is to pages
Play is to actor as concert is to musician
Pride is to lion as school is to fish
Elated is to despondent as enlightened is to ignorant
Embarrassed is to humiliated as frightened is to terrified
Odometer is to mileage as compass is to direction
Fray is to ravel as jolt is to shake
Elephant is to pachyderm as kangaroo is to marsupial
Psychologist is to neurosis as ophthalmologist is to cataract
Cotton is to bale as grain is to shock
Division is to section as layer is to tier
Mechanic is to garage as surgeon is to hospital
Chickadee is to bird as Siamese is to cat
Walk is to saunter as rain is to drizzle
Tailor is to suit as edit is to manuscript
Jaundice is to liver as rash is to skin
Interest is to obsession as dream is to fantasy
Slapstick is to laughter as horror is to fear
Verve is to enthusiasm as devotion is to reverence
Conviction is to incarceration as reduction is to diminution
Professor is to erudite as inventor is to imaginative
Dependable is to capricious as capable is to inept
Dominance is to hegemony as independence is to autonomy
Helmet is to head as gloves is to fingers
Gauge is to measure as furnace is to heat
Cruel is to compassion as craven is to courage
Blush is ot embarrassment as Sneer is disdain
Immobile is to move as stiff is to bend
Solace is to mourner as congratulations is to victor
Nation is to alliance as strut is to wing
Meteorology is to weather as psyschology is to behavior
Decipher is to code as solve is to equation
Solitary is to companionship as thrifty is to prodigality
Arena is to competition as hospital is to surgery
Decibel is to sound as ounce is to weight
Hungrey is ot ravenous as improper is to outrageous
Word is to vocabulary as island is to archipelago
Purify is to imperfection as detoxify is to poison
Weaver is to fabric as writer is to txt
Sextant is to navigate as camouflage is to mimic
Pundit is to expertise as scholar is to erudition
Desiccate is to moisture as sap is to engery
Buffoon is to foolish as boor is to crass
Morose is to jollity as arrogant is to humility
Charlatan is to fraud as trickster is to chicanery
Conflagration is to fire as manson is to residence
Audacious is to trepidation as taciturn is to garrulousness
Assage is to sorrow as dampen is to enthusiasm
Prospector is to gold as detective is to clue
Quarry is to marble as mine is to coal
Ram is to lamb as bull is to calf
General is to admiral as solder is to sailer
Robin is to sparrow as bluejay is to finch
Scrawny is to lean as brawny is to strong
Shy is to bashful as inquire is to ask
Stallion is to gelding as Bull is to steer
Toil is to strife as work ia to strugle
Valid is to fallacious as veracious is to untrue
Shoot is to shot as bleed is to bled
Ad lib is to rehearsal as aleatory is to plan
Paint is to daub as sing is to caterwaul
36 is to 4 as 9 is to 1
Trumpet is to instrument as pliers is to tool
Drift is to snow as dune is to sand
Moon is to earth as earth is to sun
Necklace is to adornment as medal is to decoration
Pulp is to paper as hemp is to rope
Regressive is to regress as Sterile is to sterilize
Wave is to creast as mountain is to peak
Witchis is to wizard as duck is to drake
Enigma is to mystified as dilemma is to undecided
Wring is to wrung as lay is to laid
Zinc is to sulfuric acid as element is to compound
Created by: abhill12
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