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Liz AP2 ST120 Final

AP2 ST120 Final

1. Production of too much hormone by a diseased gland Hypersecretion
2. Which type of hormone uses the second messenger system Non-steroid
3. What gland is considered by most to be the "master gland" Pituitary
101.The bundle of His is located In the septum between the ventricles
4. This hormone is produced from the anterior pituitary gland. In the female, it stimulates ovulation. In the male, it stimulates testosterone secretion. LH
5. What type of diabetes is more likely to develop into Type 2 diabetes later Gestational
6. ___ is blood minus its formed elements Plasma
7. Another name for platelets is Thrombocytes
8. What is formed when the red pigment in RBCs unites with O2 Oxyhemoglobin
9. Surgeons will sometimes prescribe Vit K before surgery to make sure their pt's blood will Clot properly
10. When a blood clot stays in the place where it is formed Thrombus
11. A/n ___ is the condition that occurs when a clot dislodges and circulates through the bloodstream Embolism
12. What blood type is known as the "universal recipient" Type AB
13. What blood type is known as the "universal donor" Type O
14. Hemoglobin is the Iron containing pigment of blood
15. Rapid, random and ineffective contractions of the heart is a condition called Fibrillation
16. The foramen ovale Shunts blood from the right atria to the left atria
17. After the blood leaves the right atrium, it goes through the ___ and enters the ___ Tricuspid valve, Right Ventricle
102. Stroke volume is the Amount of blood pushed out of a ventricle in one beat
103. The loose fitting sac that covers the entire heart is the Pericardium
104. The ____ is the lower edge of the heart, pointing to the left Apex
105. The visceral pericardium is also known as Epicardium
106. The ____ is the pacemaker of the heart SA node
107.Cyan/o- Blue
18. After the blood leaves the left atrium, it enters the ___ through the ___ Left Ventricle, Mitral Valve
19. Atrial fibrillation is Irregular quivering action of the atria
20. The SA node is located in the Right Atrium
21. The ___ is the pacemaker of the heart SA Node
22. ___ refers to the route of blood flow through the liver Hepatic Portal Circulation
23. ___ means to stop or control bleeding Hemostasis
24. What are the specialized lymph capillary structures located in the wall of the small intestine Lacteals
25. What lymphoid tissue is found in the mediastinum Thymus
26. Where are the lingual tonsils located Base of the tongue
27. An ___ is a substance such as a virus that the body regards as foreign Antigen
28. A pathogen that normally does not cause a disease, but is able to cause an illness in a weakened host whose resistance is down Opportunist
29. A new cancer site that results from the spreading process from one body system to another Metastasis
30. External respiration is the exchange of gases bt the blood and ___ by diffusion Alveoli
31. Another name given to the nostrils External Nares
32. What are the 3 scroll like structures located in the nasal cavity Nasal Conchae
33. The main purpose of the epiglottis is to Prevent food from entering the trachea
34. The ___ pleura lines the walls of the thoracic cavity Parietal
35. What is the substance that helps reduce surface tension in the alveoli Surfactant
36. The ___ muscle flattens out when it contracts during inspiration Diaphragm
37. Failure to resume breathing after a prolonged period of apnea Respiratory Arrest
38. All of the following are roles of the paranasal sinuses EXCEPT Drains into the oral cavity (Are lined with mucous membranes, Help lighten the skull, Assist in sound production are)
39. The sphincter that prevents food from reentering the esophagus from the stomach Cardiac Sphincter
40. Which is NOT considered a part of the small intestines Cecum (Duodenum, Jejunum, and Ileum are)
41. The large, moist, slippery sheet of the serous membrane that lines the abdominal cavity Peritoneum
108. The _____ serves as a shunt allowing most blood to pass by the immature liver and dump into the inferior vena cava Ductus venosus
109.The abnormal enlargement of the heart is called Cardiomegaly
110. The blood is carried to the heart by Veins
111. Karotkoff's sounds are heard in ___ distinct phases Five
112. Hypertension High BP
113. Arteri/o- Artery
114. Ather/o- Plaque
115.Brady- Slow
116. Cardi/o- Heart
117. -crasia Mixture and blending (both A&B)
118. -emia Blood
119. Erthy/o- Red
120. Hem/o- Blood
121. Leuk/o- White
122. Phleb/o- Vein
123. Tachy- Fast
124.Thromb/o- Clot
42. The extension of the peritoneum that is an extension bt the parietal and visceral layers of the peritoneum and anchors the small intestine to the posterior abdominal wall Mesentery
43. The pouch like extension of the visceral peritoneum that is shaped like an apron Greater Omentum
44. Presence of gallstones in the gallbladder or Common Bile Duct Cholelithiasis
45. Most fats are undigested until they are emulsified by ___ in the duodenum Bile
46. The protrusion of a small loop of bowel through a weak place in the lower abdominal wall or groin Inguinal Hernia
47. The twisting of the intestine on itself that causes an obstruction Volvulus
125. Ven/o- Vein
126. Anti- Against
127. Carcin/o- Cancerous
128. Immune/o- Protection and save (all of the above)
129. Lymph/o- Lymphatic tissue
130. Lymphaden/o- Lymph gland
131. Neo- New and strange ( all of the above)
132. -oma Tumor
133. Onc/o- Tumor
134.Phag/o- Eat and swallow (all of the above)
48. The ___ plays an integral role in closing off the nasal passage during swallowing so food does not move upward into the nasal cavity Uvula
49. All of the following are main organs of the digestive system EXCEPT Tongue (Mouth, Pharynx, and Rectum are)
50. The premolars are AKA Bicuspids
51. The process that breaks food molecules down, releasing their stored energy, and requires oxygen Catabolism
52. Filtration only occurs in the Glomerulus
53. The absence of urine Anuria
54. Another name for voiding is Micturition AND Urination (Both A&B)
55. ___ is blood minus its formed elements Plasma
56. Which of the following is a nongranular WBC Monocyte (Neutrophils, Eosinophils, and Basophils are Granular WBCs)
57. Another name for platelets Thrombocytes
58. Which of the following is responsible for making blood cells for the body Myeloid tissues
59. ___ is plasma minus its clotting factors Serum
135. -plasm Formative material of cell
136. Sarc/o- Flesh
137. Spleen/o- Spleen
138. -tic Pertaining to
139. Tox/o- Poison
140. Bronch/o- Bronchial tubes
141. Cyan/o- Blue
142. Laryng/o- Larynx and throat ( all of the above)
143. Ox/i- Oxygen
144. Phon/o- Sound
145. Pharyng/o- Pharynx and Throat (all of the above)
146. Thorac/o- Chest
147. Pleur/o- Lung (Test says "Side of body")
148. -pnea Breathing
149. Spir/o- To breathe
60. Which of the following plasma proteins is responsible for blood clotting Fibrinogen
61. What is formed when the red pigment in RBCs unites with O2 Oxyhemoglobin
62. Prenicious Anemia is a condition c/b A deficiency of Vit B12
63. What blood test can be performed that will tell a surgeon a great deal about the volume of RBCs in the pt's blood Hematocrit
64. Which of the following can be identified by the condition that causes the blood to become thick and not flow properly Polycythemia
65. The outer layer of the kidney Renal Cortex
66. Nephrons contain the ___ which is a cluster of capillaries surrounded by a membranous capsule Glomerulus
67. Blood flow reenters the circulatory system after it leaves the kidney through what structure Renal Vein
68. Urochrome is responsible for The color of urine
69. What structure expands at its upper end to form the renal pelvis Ureters
70. Where is the urinary bladder located Posterior to the pubic symphysis
71. The two principle components of the microscopic structure of the nephron are the renal tubules and the ___ Renal Corpuscle
72. If the kidney fail to function properly, what type of waste builds up in the body as a result of protein breakdown Nitrogenous
73. The process by which an artificial mechanical device is used to remove or separate waste products from the blood Hemodialysis
74. ___ is a hernia of the bladder through the vaginal wall Cystocele
75. Major blood supply to the kidney comes from Renal Artery
76. The kidneys are normally located in the __ space Retroperitoneal
77. What statement about fat is NOT true The more fat present, the more total water content per pound (Another name for fat is adipose tissue, Women have a higher percentage of fat than men, The more fat is present, the less total water content per pound are True)
78. Extracellular fluid includes all the following EXCEPT Lymph, Plasma, Humors (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
79. The body's chief mechanism for maintaining fluid balance is to adjust the output to equal the ___ Fluid Intake
80. The presence of ___ causes water to move Sodium
81. The type of fluid output that changes the most is Urination
82. If the concentration of blood plasma proteins increases, the blood volume inside the capillary will ___ Increase
83. A pH lower than 7.0 indicates a/n Acid
100. After the blood leaves the pulmonary vein, it enters the Left atrium
99. After the blood leaves the left atrium it enters the left ventricle through the ____ valve Mitral
98. The _____ carries deoxygened blood to the right atrium Vena Cava
97. What is the menstrual disorder with characteristics of abdominal pain by uterine cramps during a menstrual period? Dysmenorrhea
96. Where are the Bulbourethral gland located? Below the prostrate gland
95. The first menses is known as Menarche
94.The tubes that serves as ducts for the ovaries, even though they are NOT attached to them are called the Oviducts
93. What procedure is the surgical removal of the entire prostate gland, the seminal vesicles, and some surrounding tissue, including lymph nodes, and is done through an abdominal incision Radical prostatectomy
92. When a baby is born with one undescended testicle, its called Cryptorchidism
91. The tube the permits sperm to exit from the epididymis and pass from the scrotal sac upward into the abdominal cavity is called the Vas deferens
90. What structure consists of a single and very tightly coiled tube about 6mm in length and lies along the top and behind the testes inside the scrotum? Epididymis
89.Sperm are formed in the walls of the _____ and are then released into the lumen to begin their journey to the exterior of the body Seminiferous tubules
88. A ____ is a single cell formed by the union of the sperm and egg Zygote
87. The essential organs of reproduction in men and women are called the Gonads
86. Sodium hydroxide is a strong Base
85. A ____ Is a chemical substance that prevents a sharp change in the pH of a fluid when acid or a base is added to it Buffer
84. Acid contains more_____ ions that bases Hydrogen
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