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Word List 14

allege V. To state as a fact but without offering proof.
alleged adj. Claimed to be true.
allegation n. Something that is alleged.
conclusive adj. Putting an end to doubt; convincing.
counterpart n. A person or thing that is similar to another.
dismal adj. 1. Dark or extremely gloomy. 2. Causing misery or sadness; depressing.
enthrall v. To hold the attention of as under a spell.
enthralling adj. Having the power to enthrall.
exotic adj. Fascinating because of being very different from the ordinary.
incredulous adj. 1. Doubtful; skeptical. 2. Showing disbelief.
incredulity n. Doubt or disbelief.
legendary adj. 1. Well-known; famous and much talked about over a long period of time. 2. relating to a story (usually untrue) handed down from the past.
lurk V. To prowl or lie hidden, as though about to attack.
menagerie n. A collection or animals kept in cages for showing to the public.
naive adj. 1. Inexperienced; ready to accept without anything. 2. Simple in a childlike way; innocent.
pander V. To give or promise what is wanted in order to please someone.
plausible adj. Seeming to be true but not necessarily so.
preposterous adj. Too absurd to be believed; ridiculous.
scrupulous adj. 1. Marked by close attention to the smallest detail. 2. Acting in a correct and honest manner.
Created by: Christina.cooney
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