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Liz AP2 ST120 T10

AP2 ST120 T10 Endocrine

What is the primary function of the Endocrine System Secrete hormones
Production of too much hormone by a diseased gland is called Hypersecrection
What gland is considered by most to be the "master gland" Pituitary
Harmful excess of calcium in the blood is a condition called Hypercalcemia
Hyposecretion of ADH results in what condition Diabetes Insipidus
A condition caused by the deficient secretion of any gland is called Hypocrinism
How many parathyroids are there four
This hormone is produced from the anterior pituitary gland. In the female, it stimulates ovulation. In the male, it stimulates testosterone secretion LH
The term hypoglycemia means Too much insulin in the blood
Prolactin stimulates the breast to start Producing milk
T/F - The pituitary is NOT adequately protected by the skull False
Which disease is associated with the adrenal gland not producing enough cortisol Addison's DIsease
What type of diabetes is more likely to develop into type 2 diabetes later Gestational
A severe reaction that can occur form very low blood sugar is Insulin shock
The type of diabetes that can occur during pregnancy is known as Gestational
The hormone secreted from the alpha cells of the pancreatic islets is known as Glucagon
The hormone secreted from the beta cell of the pancreatic islets is known as Insulin
A condition caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of cortisol is known as Cushing's
A condition caused by an excessive secretion of growth hormone before puberty is known as Gigantism
A condition caused by an excessive secretion of growth hormone after puberty is known as Acromegaly
What is the name of the gland that rests on top of each kidney Adrenal
Which female hormone is released during the second half of the menstrual cycle Progesterone
Excessive mammary development in the male is known as Gynecomastia
The pineal gland secretes Melatonin
Excessive hunger Polyphagia
Exophthalmos is defined as Abnormal protrusion of the eyes
When diabetes damages the retinas of the eyes, the condition is known as Diabetic retinopathy
All of the following are hormones produced by the pituitary EXCEPT Glucagon (Prolactin, TSH, ACTH are)
T/F - A pituitary adenoma is a slow growing malignant tumor of the pituitary gland False
Which of the following does NOT belong in the endocrine system Sweat glands ( Pituitary gland,Pineal gland,Thyroid gland Are)
A physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the endocrine glands Endocrinologist
All of the following are classification of hormone EXCEPT Chemical (Steroid, Non steroid, Tropic are)
Endocrine gland secrete Into the bloodstream
Exocrine glands secrete Into ducts
The endocrine system is referred to as the ____ system Ductless
Which of the following is NOT secreted by the posterior pituitary lobe ACTH (ADH, Oxytocin are)
The surgical removal of the pineal gland Pinealectomy
_____ is a butterfly shaped gland on either side of the larynx Thyroid
Inflammation of the thymus Thymitis
T/F - The pancreas functions in the endocrine and nervous system False
The surgical removal of the thymus Thymectomy
The anterior pituitary secretes TSH
The thyroid gland Is found in the neck
The parathyroid hormone Has the opposite effect of calcitonin
The thymus gland Produces thymosin
The pineal gland Is sometimes called the "third" eye
Acr/o- Extremity
-Dipsia Thirst
Glyc/o- Both A and B (Glucose and Sugar)
Adren/o- Adrenal gland
Crin/o- Secrete
Gonad/o- Both A and B (Gonad and Sex glands)
-ism Both A and B (Condition and State of)
Pancreat/o- Pancreas
Poly- Many
Somat/o- Body
Thym/o- Both A and B (Thymus gland and Soul)
Diabetes insipidus causes All of the above (Polydipsia, Polyuria, and Dehydration)
The thymus is located in the Mediastinum
A severe reaction that can occur form very high blood sugar is Diabetic Coma
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