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Unit 11

Descriptive Prefixes, Asepsis, And Pharmacology

antiseptic agent that protects against infection (external cleaner)
antispasmodic agent that prevents muscle spasms
antitoxin agent that works to destroy toxins
asepsis without poisons or infection (noun)
bilateral including both sides (adj)
catheterization using a tube (catheter) inserted into the bladder or vessels to obtain specimens, to look, or to keep the vessel open
contraceptive agent that prevents conception
contraindicated not recommended under these circumstances
contravolitional against one's will
disinfectants chemical or physical agents that kill organisms; not used on the human body
epicystitis inflammation upon the urinary bladder
epidermal pertaining to the epidermis
epidural pertaining to the layer upon the dura mater (adj.)
epigastric upon the stomach
epigastrorrhaphy suturing of tissue in the region upon the stomach
epinephrectomy excision of tissue upon the kidney
epinephritis inflammation upon the kidney
episplenitis inflammation upon the spleen
extra-articular outside of a joint (adj.)
extracerebral outside of the cerebrum (adj.)
extracystic outside of the bladder (adj.)
extradural outside of the dura mater (adj.)
extragenital outside of the genital area (adj.)
extranuclear outside of the nucleus (adj.)
heterogeneous different throughout (adj.)
heteropsia different vision in each eye
heterosexual attracted to the opposite sex (adj.)
homogeneous the same throughout (adj.)
homoglandular same gland (adj.)
homosexual attracted to the same sex (adj.)
infracostal below the ribs (adj.)
inframammary below the breast (adj.)
infrapatellar below the patella (adj.)
infrapubic below the pubic bone (adj.)
injection give agent through needle and syringe
mammogram breast x-ray film or x-ray picture
mammography process of taking a breast x-ray
mammoplasty surgicalk repair of the breast
metacarpals bones of the hand beyond the wrist bones (carpals)
metastasis (pl. metastases) disease that spreads beyond its origin
carpals wrist bones
metatarsals bones of the foot beyond the ankle (tarsals)
oral by mouth
prescription written order for treatment
psychotherapeutics medications and treatments that treat psychological disorders
pyrotoxin toxin produced by fever or heat
sanitization cleaning items or surfaces
septicemia infection in the blood
septicopyemia infection and pus in the blood
sterilization process that kills all organisms
subaural below the ear
subcutaneous below the skin, fat layer
subdural below the dura mater (adj.)
superciliary pertaining to the eyebrow
superinfection an infection on top of another infection
supracostal above the ribs (adj.)
suprainguinal above the groin
supralumbar above the lumbar spine (adj.)
suprapubic above the pubic bone (adj.)
suprarenal above the kidney
suprarenopathy disease of the suprarenal glands (adrenals)
symmetry the same size and shape all around or on both sides
sympathetic suffering along with, functional part of the autonomic nervous system
sympathoma tumor of a sympathetic nerve
sympodia feet that have grown united
transcatheter performed through the lumen of a catheter
transdermal through the skin
transfusion tranferring blood from one person to another
transillumination the passage of strong light through a body structure, to permit inspection by an observer on the opposite side
transluminal across the lumen of a vessel
transposition placement of an organ on the opposite side
transsexual a person who has changed sexes
transurethral performed through the urethra
transvaginal performed through the vagina
ultrasonography process of making a computer image using reflected high frequency sound waves
ultrasound high-frequency sound sound waves (inaudible)
ultraviolet high-frequency light waves beyond the violet frequency
sepsis poisoned state or infection caused by absorption of pathogenic bacteria (noun)
aseptic free from infection (adj.)
analgesics pain relievers
antiarthritic agent that works against arthritis
antibiotic agent that works against organisms, especially bacteria
anticonvulsant agent that prevents seizures
antidepressants agent that works against depression
antinarcotic agent that works against the effects of narcotics
antipyretic agent that works against fever
antirheumatic agent that works against rheumatic disease
superficial on the surface (adj)
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