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Greece 2013

Study notes

Question Aswers VocabularyDeinition
Who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey? Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. What is a city-state? A city-state is a political unitconsisting of a city and its surrounding the country side.
Who could vote in Greek government? Men vote in Greek government What is a democracy? A democracy is a government where everyone participates
What did Olympic winner get? Olive wrath crown What is a monarchy? A monarchy is a type of government that is rule by a king or a queen
This mythological Greek warrior was killed by a single arrow. Achilles got killed by a single arrow. What is a aristocracy? A aristocracy is a government where a few wealthy men hold power over the country
This battle is where the Persians were defeated. Marathon What is a tyranny? A tyranny is a government with a single ruler who seized power by force
The Olympics were created to honor this God. Zeus was in honor of the Olympics. What is a philosophers? A philosopher is a great thinker
What did Alexander the Great conquered? He conquered Egypt to India.
What cause the Battle of Troy? The queen left to be with Troy.
Where was Achilles killed by an arrow? In the foot
Put the following in order. Alexander the Great died. Rome conquers Greece. First Olympics games. Parthenon is built. 1.First Olympics games. 2.Parthenon is built. 3.Alexander the Great died. 4.Rome conquers Greece.
Which type of government which is democracy,monarchy, aristocracy,and tyranny do you think is the most fair? I think democracy is the most fair because when we have democracy everyone gets a free freedom and a country.
Why were the Mycenaean able to conquer the Minoan civilization so easily? The Mycenaean were able to conquer the Minoan civilization because they did disaster.
Who started the first school in western civilization, student of Socrates? Plato
Who was a famous Greek who is considered the father of medicine? Hippocrates
What body of water to the south of Greece? Mediterranean Sea
What a Greek play that pokes fun at the Gods? Comedy
Who was famous Greek philosopher who believe all planets revolved around the Earth? Aristotle
Who was a famous Greek who is known as the father of Geometry? Euclid
Who means "upper city"? Acropolis
What ancient city where according to mythology the Trojan War was fought? Troy
What Greek thinkers like Pythagoras and Aristotle? philosopher
Why was the Aegean Sea the most important body of water to ancient Greeks? It was wide open without a lot of small islands in the way of sailing.
Was Alexander the Great's father and the king of Macedonia. Philip Macedonia
King of Macedonia and conquered many others lands and people. Alexander The Great
What is the capital of Greece today? Athens
Where did the gods lived according to mythology? Mount Olympus
The Minoan civilization lived on the island of______ Aegean Sea
The _________ is a Greek temple built for Athena and is located on the Acropolis. Parthenon
Name two city-states. Byzantium (Istanbul) & Cyrene
Why was Ancient Greece considered a collection of city-states and not a unified country? They able to meet and trade. They felt like they were residents of a city-states rather than Greeks.
What was something that the city-states had in common. The city-states had in common is traded things and they shared ideas.
How did the Greeks eventually defeat the Trojans all the battle of Troy? The Greeks eventually defeat the trojans by creating a plan and won the war. How the Greeks won the war by builting this horse that help the Greeks out.
Another name for a human is? Human Being and Human Kind.
Compare and Contrast Athens and Sparta. You must have at least three facts in each category.(pt1) ATHENS:Most famous politicians, Artist, great thinker, and city of democracy. BOTH:cites states, lived in ancient Greece, traded, and the Golden Age.
Compare and Contrast Athens and Sparta. You must have at least three facts in each category.(pt2) SPARTA:military city, jealous of Athens of city states, and they had a goal of education was to create a strong warrior.
Greeks went to a special places called ______ to ask Gods question. Oracles
In what city-state did democracy begin? Athens
Which class of people held all the power and made all the rules in the Greek city-states? Citizens
Who were the first people to live in Greece? The Minoans
What fact could best be able added to web below? A.Trail by jury B.The first alphabet C.Skill in the road building D.invention of the wheel and axle C.Skill in road building
Who was an important ancient Greek scientist and mathematicians? Aristotle
According to Greek mythology, which god or goddess stopped growing things when Persephone was kidnapped? Demeter
Used by the people of Sparta as money? Iron Bars
The main God of ancient Greece? Zeus
The Greek goddess of growing things? Demeter
A famous Greek historian? Herodotus
Name for marketplace is? Agora
A made up story that explained something people didn't understand Myth
Who was the father of science? Aristotle
Who was the leader of Athens during its Golden Age? Pericles
What hill on which the Parthenon was built? Acropolis
The great thinkers of the Golden Age of Greece, philosopher, scientists and mathematicians, often had students who themselves became teachers. Who was a student of Plato who became a teacher to Alexander the Great? Aristotle
What city burned to to the ground by Alexander? Athens
The famous Greek plays held in outdoor amphitheater were either comedies, or_______ ? Tragedies
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