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Liz AP2 T9 Reprod.

AP2 ST210 T9 Reproductive System Review

The tube thta permits sperm to exit form the epididymis and pass from the scrotal sac upward into the abdominal cavity is called the Vas Deferens
The connective tisse sheath that covers the vas deferens, blood vessels and nerves is the Spermatic cord
The production of what hormone pormotes and maintains the development of the male accessory organs such as the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, etc. Testosterone
What hormone has a stimulation effect on protein anabolism and is responsible for the greater muscualar development and strength of the male. Testosterone
When a baby is born with one undescending testicle, it is called Cryptorchidism
If you are assigned to an operating room and there is a bilateral oophorectomy scheduled for that room, what would the surgeon be doing? Removing both ovaries
The seminal vesicles sercrete a yellowish,thick and ____ rich fluid which provides energy needed by sperm for motility Fructose
What type of duct frains at the nipple? Lactiferous
Where are the bulbouretheral glands located? Below the Prostate gland
The structure that contributes about 60% of the seminal fluid volume is the? Seminal vesiscle
What is the menstrual disorder with characteristics of abdominal pain caused by uterine cramps during menstrual period? Dysmenorrhea
The muscular layer of the uterus is called the ? Myometrium
The uterine tubes are attached to the ovaries and the uterus False-they are not attached to the ovaries
The organ that serves as a passageway for babies and is the entrance for sperm is called Vagina
The uterine tubes are also called (2 answer) Fallopian, oviducts
The outer end of each uterine tube: Fimbrae
The area between the vaginal opening and the anus Perineum
The essential organ of reproduction in men and women are called Gonads
The tough whitish membrane that surrounds each testis is called Tunica albuginea
The coiled structures that form the bulk of testicular mass are called Seminiferous tubules
Sperm develop in the walls of the ____ and are the released into the lumen to begin their journey to the exterior of the body Seminiferous tubules
The interstitial cells of the testes secrete the male sex hormone called Testosterone
Production of sperm is called Spermatogenesis
The name given to sperm precursor (stem) cell is Spermatogonia
Before puberty, mitotic cell division increases the ____ production Spermatogonia
When a boy enters puberty,circulating levels of this hormone cause spermatogonium to undergo a unique type of cell division Follicle-stimulating hormone
What structure consist of a single and very tightly coilded tube about 6 mm in length and lies along the top and behind the testes insides in the scrotum Epididymis
The mammaary glands are what type of organ Accessory
About 1 milion____ are embedded in a connective tissurte matrix just below the outer layer of each ovary in a newborn baby girl Ovarian follicles
After ovulation, a ruputred follicle is transformed into a hormone-secreting glandular strcture called Corpus Luteum
What is the sex hormone that is resposible for the proliferation and vascularization of the epithelial cells lining of the uterus Progesterone
The hormone resposible for pubic hair and breat development is Estrogen
The tubes that serve as ducts for the ovaries, even though they are NOT attached to them are called the Oviducts
The falling or sinking down of the uterus into the vagina is called Uterine prolapse
Another name for a bilateral orchidectomy is Castration
A surgical procedure that involves removal of the uterus,tubes,ovaries, and adjacent lymph nodes Radical hysterectomy
The surgical procedure to restore fertilization to the male after the vas deferens has been ligated is called a Vasovasostomy
Just above the level where the Fallopian tubes attach to the body of the uterus, it rounds out to form a bulging prominence called the Fundus
The production of female gametes or sex cells is called Oogenesis
The first menses or menstrual flow is known as Menarche
The middle layer of the uterus is known as the perimetrium False-The middle layer of the uterus is called the myometrium
A fibroid is a malignant tumor composed primarily of muscle FALSE - Fibroid is a benign tumor
Human papilloma virus increases the risk of cervical cancer True
The mon pubis is a skin-covered pad of fat over the Symphysis pubis
Surgicak removal of the uterus is called Hysterectomy
What structure stores mature sperm temporarily as it develops the ability to move Epididymis
What procedure is the surgical removal of the entire prostate gland, the seminal vesicles, and some surrounding tissue, and is done through an abdominal incision Radical Prostatectomy
A noncancerous condition with characteristics of an enlarged prostate gland is called Benign Prostatic hypertrophy
The penis had three separate columns of erectile tissue in its shaft. Which of the following is the tissue that surrounds the urethra Corpus Spongiosum
The female sex cells are called Ovaries .
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