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2W1 A set CDCs book2

URE questions from Volume 2

(201) Personal protective equipment greatly decreases accidents
(201) What should you refer to when checklists do not cover local variations Maintenance operating instructions
(202) How many inches wide should walkways be to permit free movement of workers, equipment, and supplies 36
(202) When may first-aid kits be kept in a maintenance shop When authorized by the base surgeon
(202) Rubber gloves and face shields are necessary in a maintenance shop to protect the skin and eyes from cleaning agents
(202) What governs the size, style, and design of the shadow boards and toolboxes The needs of your section and the materials it has at its disposal
(202) What type of accident prevention sign has yellow lettering on a black background Caution
(202) What type of accident prevention sign will generally have black letters on a white background on the lower panel Directional
(203) What information is contained on a material safety data sheet (MSDS) All hazards involved with handling the material and safety measures to follow while handling the material
(203) Which of the following is not a goal of the Hazard Communication Standard Ensuring Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved methods of disposal for hazardous materials
(203) Who is responsible for adding new information to the MSDS on the hazards of a chemical and appropriate control measures within three months after becoming aware of such information The chemicals manufacturer or importer
(204) What agency should you contact if you suspect your lighting is inadequate in a work area Base bioenvironmental engineering office
(204) Dust, gas, vapor, fumes, and mist are examples of what type of contaminants Atmospheric
(204) Which type of atmospheric contaminates produce a narcotic or drug-like effect Anesthetics
(204) What term defines a measure of how severe symptoms a given chemical produces or how long the persist Toxicity
(204) Where can information on the hazards of chemicals be found Material Safety Data Sheet
(204) Particles of wood and metal are classified as what type of skin contaminants Mechanical
(205) A face shield usually replaces goggles when vision is critical
(205) What type of equipment is required to protect the feet when working around heavy, rolling, or falling objects Safety-toe shows
(205) What type of arm and hand protection is needed when working around jagged objects, rough wood, or similar hazards Leather gloves
(206) A flammable liquid is any liquid with a flash point below 100 degrees F
(206) The flash point of a liquid can be most easily avoided by good ventilation or elimination of spark devices
(207) What does the numerical rating of fire extinguishers serve as a guide for Amount of fire the extinguisher can extinguish
(207) What fire classification can be effectively extinguished by water Class A
(207) Which fire classification covers flammable liquids Class B
(207) What type of extinguishing agent needs to be used on class D fires Dry powder
(207) Which class of fire extinguishers is never assigned numerical ratings, nor are they given a multi-purpose rating Class D
(207) What hazard does carbon dioxide present to the user when used as a fire fighting agent in concentrations sufficient to extinguish a fire Will displace oxygen and make the area incapable of supporting life
(207) Which of the following fire fighting agents may clog filters in air handling systems and leave a residue Dry powder
(208) What is the primary factor to be considered when dealing with the potential harm caused by an electrical shock Current flow or amperage
(208) What amount of current flow causes a shock strong enough to be felt, but is normally harmless .001 amp
(208) What amount of current flow usually results in a disturbed heart rhythm that the victim cannot normally recover without medical attention Between 25 and 50 milliampere
(208) What effect do burns have on current flow through the skin Greatly reduce the skins resistance to current flow
(209) The most common hazard associated with electricity is probably electrical shocks
(210) As a general rule, electrical items should have maintenance performed with power off
(210) When voltage is applied to equipment being repaired, nonessential tools should be removed
(210) When cleaning electrical equipment, you should use only approved cleaning solvents
(210) when do you use compressed air for cleaning electrical equipment Only as a last resort
(210) What do you do before testing and following repair actions of electrical equipment Visually check equipment
(210) Why do you inspect equipment before testing and following repair actions Check for obvious defects
(210) Wearing jewelry is prohibited around electrical equipment because metal jewelry can be an excellent low-resistance contact because of its large skin contact area
(211) Bonding is simply the placement of a low-resistance wire between two metal objects
(211) What are the preferred metal clamps used for grounding and bonding Copper
Bonding wires are attached to what type of metal surfaces Bare
(211) What effect does bonding have on static electrical charges Equalizes them
(211) The most important point to remember about grounding paths is they must be continuous
(211) When handholding a meter while checking electrical circuits, you must always use gloves or some other type of protective equipment
(212) What is considered the secondary hazard involved with working around fiber optics Needle like structures that can easily be embedded into the skin or eyes
(212) What is the recommended method to control broken fiber optic particles Placing broken pieces on adhesive tape
(213) The ruptured metal case of an explosive or munitions presents what type of hazard Fragmentation
(213) Munitions items such as guns, rockets, missiles, and flare dispensers pose which of the primary hazards of explosives Forward-firing munitions
(214) Never store explosives in damn places
(214) Which of the following cannot be permitted in a storage magazine containing explosives Open containers of explosives
(214) What type of clothing should be worn when working around explosives Cotton or cotton synthetic blend
(214) During explosive operations, personnel who need to remove outer garments must step out of the immediate area, remove the garment, ground themselves, then reenter
(215) Where are personnel limits for any explosive operation normally found Maintenance operating instructions
(215) On what are explosive limits based Quantity of explosives sufficient for the operation and quantity-distance separation criteria
(216) The Department of Defense (DOD) hazard classification system is based on the system recommended for international use by what organization United Nations (UN)
(216) What hazard class and division contain nuclear weapons Class 1, division 1
(216) Items in which hazard class division produce fires that burn vigorously and are difficult to put out Class 1, division 3
(216) Which hazard class division would include items such as pistol and rifle ammunition or impulse cartridges Class 1, division 4
(217) Four different fire symbols are needed to represent the hazards explosives present
(217) What symbols are used to identify operating buildings and storage facilities containing pyrotechnic and chemical munitions or agents and other hazardous materials Chemical hazard symbols
(217) Who has the responsibility to post or change warning and hazard symbols in storage areas Person in charge
(218) What precaution must be taken by personnel who work with toxic chemicals before smoking They must wash their hands
(218) Stocks of flammable liquid used for cleaning in an explosive are must not exceed a 1-day supply
(218) Parking areas for government vehicles may not be any closer than how many feet to an explosive are 25 feet
(218) How many feet away must you remove support equipment from explosives before refueling 100
(218) What is the minimum withdrawal distance for all non-essential personnel if munitions posted with a fire symbol 2 are involved in a fire 2500 feet
(219) For whom are the nuclear safety standards the go/no-go gauges Designers, manufacturers, and users
(220) Personnel who come under the control of DODR 5210.42-Regulation AFMAN 10-3902 are those with duties involving the control of nuclear weapons systems
(220) The personnel reliability program (PRP) applies to personnel during times of hostilities as well as peacetime
(220) Normally, units having a nuclear role in terms of contingency, mobility, or emergency tasking will have a full-time personnel reliability program (PRP)
(221) Critical personnel reliability program (PRP) positions are positions where close proximity to a nuclear weapon or critical component is required
(221) What type of personnel reliability program (PRP) positions does not require a person to have entry into area or technical knowledge pertaining to a nuclear weapon system Controlled
(222) The two-person concept is covered by what regulation AFI 91-104, Nuclear Surety Tamper Control and Detection Program
(222) An area containing one of more critical components where a single individual must be denied access to is a no-lone zone
(222) What concept is designed to ensure that a lone individual is denied access to nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons systems, or critical components and does not allow the opportunity for tampering, damage, or an unauthorized act to go undetected Two person
(223) What concept must be enforced in a no-lone zone area Two-person concept
(223) The no-lone zone requires strict adherence to the requirements of the two-person concept
(224) A good seal on a nuclear component provides immediate evidence of activation or tampering
(224) A good seal on a nuclear component depends directly upon a good sealing program
(224) A good sealing program will not interfere with the accomplishment of the mission
(225) What codes name covers when a nuclear weapon is lost, stolen, seized, or destroyed Empty Quiver
(225) What is the code name given to the damage of a nuclear warhead that requires major rework, replacement, or examination or re-certification by the Department of Energy (DOE) Bent Spear
(226) Unless the director of aerospace safety or the director of nuclear surety assumes responsibility, what major command is responsible for ensuring nuclear mishaps are investigated The MAJCOM with command responsibility for the unit having the mishap
(226) A nuclear mishap formal report must be submitted within what time frame after the investigation 30 days
(227) Commanders emphasize OPSEC application to make sure it is considered at all levels and in all operations
(227) Who must ensure sound OPSEC practices during all operational phases Supervisors
(228) During normal conversations, you should avoid using what type of worse to ensure maximum operational security Flag words
(228) Under OPSEC, you should be looking for what communications intelligence indicator Use of changing or infrequently changing call signs or radio frequencies
(229) Damage and destruction to Air Force resources is described as any willful act that renders Air Force equipment useless
(229) What threat to resources is described as willful or malicious destruction of property Vandalism
(230) Normally, as a 2W1X1, the secure are you will work in is the flight line
(230) What resources are most vulnerable to terrorist threat Facilities
(230) How are military materials demilitarized Method of demilitarization is tailored to the material being demilitarized and its intended method of disposal
(231) How are the values of resources described Monetary and military
(213) Which of the following is an example of a risk category I munitions item Man-portable missiles and rockets in a ready to fire configuration
(231) In what risk category might bomb fuzes be assigned IV
Created by: Vanessa.Pappas
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