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Week 2 Mrs Fryer

Chapter 5-8

Rhinitis is ______________________ of the nasal mucosa. inflammation
Name the 3 components of a lipid profile are? HDL,LDL, and Triglycerides
In the word transthoracic, the root pertains to Chest
The difference between serum and plasma is? Serum does not contain blood clotting factors.
Obtaining a pulse oximentry means your measuring O2 saturation in blood
Blood serves as a transportation by transporting. hormones, waste products, oxygen, and minerals.
Define Respiration The exchange of gases between air, blood and interstitial fluids.
The ________________________ system absorbs excess interstitial fluid and returns it to the blood stream. Lymphatic
A fixed source of a muscle where it is attached to bone is know as the Origin
In the term venule the suffix means small
Hypersensitivity reactions, allergens stimulate the cells to produce histamine
reduced cardiac output leads to a life-threatening condition called cardiac temponade
The circulation for the heart is known as________________. coronary circulation
Trachea is the medical term used to for ____________________. windpipe
Blood volume is relatively the same and does not vary depending upon the individuals body size. True or false True
When a patient is diagnosed with a bacterial infection a_____________ is needed. antibiotic
The abdominal aorta is the area in which_____________ usually occur. aneurysms
Fibrillation is the term used to describe constant_______________ or ____________ of the heart muscle. Twitching, quivering
The _____________ is the area between the lungs that contains the heart. mediastinum.
The ____________ is the terminal element of the respiratory tract. alveolus
Located in the interstitial spaces are _____________________________ and lymphatic capillaries and vessels
Forms collagen fibers fibroblast
Connect muscle to bone tendon
Fissures separate each lobe in the Lungs
True or false a sent can be put in place in a regular Physicians Office. False
The medical term for voice box larynx
Anabolic steroids cause the muscle to appear larger also know as ___________________. Hypertrophy
A region located in the extreme superior area of the nasal cavity. olfactory region
A surgery to replace blocked coronary with healthy blood vessels from the arm or leg arteries GABG
The collapse of a lung atelectasis
erythropoiesis occurs Where? In the bone marrow.
Arrhythmias are usually treated with mechanical pace makers.
in patients over 65 yrs. of age 75% of amputations occur because of peripheral vascular disease
A increased in leukocytosis usually indicates an acute infection
COPD means Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease
In the term Myocardium, My/o stands for heart muscle
Vit B 12 deficiency leads to this type of anemia. pernicious anemia
Fibromyalgia has no known cause or current _____________________ tests to confirm the disease. diagnostic
Resistance The ability of an organism to withstand the effects of an antagonistic agent.
______________ drains into the R subclavian vein. R lymphatic duct
Deficient in oxygen hypoxic
Minute blood vessels. Capillaries.
The R lung has 3 lobes, The L has ______________. 2
Pulmonary circulation carries deoxygenated blood from the _____________to the ______________ heart, lungs
Nose bleed epistaxis
Brachiocephalic arm and head
Renal arteries supply oxygenated blood to the kidney's
________________ is used to measure respiratory volumes. spirometer
_________________are crackling sounds heard through a stethoscope when air bubbles float through the liquid in the lungs Rales
The major sign/symptom of croup is a barking cough.
Vasodilation mans an increase in _______________ in blood vessels. diameter
Tissue Swelling caused by lymphatic obstruction is called lymphedema
The deltoid, latissimus dorsi, and pectoralis major are all hip and thigh muscles. True or False. False
RBC's produce a antibodies true or false? False
Excessive accumulation of fluids in tissues is called __________________. edema
Heart ,veins, and arteries are part of the _____________ system. Cardiovascular
RBC's produce albumin true or false. False
Muscle Sprain is different from a muscle strain because, A Sprain tears the ligament, a Strain is a stretch in the muscle or tendon.
The ___________ is the largest organ of the lymphatic system. Spleen
a EKG is done to detect Electrical changes in the heart.
The greatest flow of air that can be contained over 10 mili seconds on forced expiration is dome with a ______________ peak flow meter, the test is called a PEFR
A septum divides the nostril as well as the heart
The smaller calf muscle is called the soleus
_______________is from the break down of hemm a part of hemoglobin. bilirubin
adduction moving toward the midline.
T cells and B cells are main, lymphocytes
Purkinje fibers are network nerve fibers in the _________________. myocardium
Triceps Brachii Back of arm his 3 points of origin
Created by: ECulversonFryer



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