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Week 1 Mrs Fryer

Chapters 1-4 e

The Human skull contains_______ bones. 22
Bone marrow can be taken from the____________ or ______________. sternum or hip bone
_________________ tissue can be found in the hypodermis. adipose
the term that means close to the surface is_________________. superficial
The opposite of inferior is? Superior
Avascular means? death of bone due to cut off blood supply
You can find a prefix at the _________________ of a medical term. beginning.
The cavity which holds the brain Craninal cavity
The thymus and spleen are part of the_____________ system. lymphatic
The Umbililical region is at what part of the abdomen? center
Name the name of the medication administered through the skin by a patch? transdermal
Integument means skin
The outer portion of the bone is called the____________________. cortex
A __________________________ is a band of fibrous connective tissue that connect bones to bones. ligament
A closed fracture takes place when The bone is broken but the skin is still in tact.
The element card is what word part? A root
Define pneumothorax air in the space that surrounds the lungs in the chest.
Describe the anatomical position. Body erect,palms and eyes facing forward toes flat on the floor pointing anterior.
Prone means lying flat on the patients_________. Belly
Name the burn that affects the top layer of skin first degree
another name for ostomalcia in children is ________________________. rickets
There are how many phalanges in a single hand? 14
What part of the dermis contains, sweat glands, oil glands,hair follicle, and nail root. The dermis
Which system contains the heart and it's vessels? cardio vascular
Which part of the bone has a diaphysis? The shaft
What system contains the lymph nodes? lymphatic
Name the acessory orangs of the integumentary system? Nail root,hair follicles,sweat glands, and sebaceous glands.
blood supply to the bone travels through ________________. canals
Name and Put the steps of bone healing in order. 1, hematoma 2,osteoblast 3, osteocytes 4, bones fuse together
nerve endings in skin sense what? pressure,heat, and pain
sebaceous glands produce sweat true or false? False they secrete oil
Long bones are the most common type of bones in our bodies true or false? true
The protein that forms connective tissue is Collagen
The upright axis of the body's skeleton is called the _______________________. axial skeleton
A small ,circumsized elevation on the skin is called a_________________. papule
Candida is a yeast-like Fungus
Name the 2 cavities the diaphragm seperate abdominal and thoracic
The word rickets means to twist
A carcinoma is a malignant and invasive tumor
pneumo and pulmono share the same meaning;
When two bones articulate(meet) they form a ____________. joint
the vomer seperates the 2 nasal cavities true or false. true
the root epiphysis means _______________. growth
The ilium,ischium, and pubis make up which bone by fusing together? Hip bone
Oteocytes are cells that produce the matrix of new bones,true or false? False. osteocytes
The shape of bones determine there ___________________. classification
A comminuted fracture occurs when a bone is broken into pieces.
ligaments,tendons,cartilage, and bones make up the ___________________ system. Skeletal
Gram means to record
Name the parts of the respiratory system Lungs,trachea,bronchi, and nasal cavity
Hypogastric means below the stomach.
The brain,nervers, and sensory organs make up the __________________. system Nervous
A thickening and harding of the skin caused by new collagen formation is called________________. Scleroderma
osteopenia means low bone density
Eczema is another name for ___________. dermatitis
Describe a greenstick fracture_______________________________. It shows a partial fracture in which one side shows a break and the other a bend.
The pharynx and Larynx are also part of the ______________. respiratory system
An Osteopathic physician has a degree in ____________. Osteopathy
When the lumbar spine has an exaggerated forward curvature the disorder is called--------------. lordosis
Keratin and melatonin form dandruff true of false? False
Created by: ECulversonFryer



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