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Liz QR Reproduc (2Q)

Liz AP2 ST120 QR Reproductive

Pen/i- Penis
Phall/i- Penis
Spermat/o- Sperm
-genesis Creation
-ologist Specialist
-itis Inflammation
Orch- Testicles, Testes
Hydro- Relating to water
-cele Hernia, Tumor, Swelling
-ostomy Creation of an opening to the surface
Men/o- Menstruation
Cervic/o- Cervix
Vagin/o- Vagina
Ov/o- Ovum
Hyster/o- Uterus
Salping/o- Uterine (fallopian) tube
Colp/o- Vagina
-para To give birth
Mast/o- Breast
-gravida Pregnant
Name the male gamete Sperm
A ___ is the surgical removal of an ovary Oophorectomy
A ___ is the surgical removal of a cone-shaped section of tissue from the cervix Conization
When a boy enters puberty, what hormone is responsible for causing the spermatogonium to undergo cell division? Testosterone
How many chromosomes does each spermatozoa have 23
The acrosomes contain enzymes that do what Digests the membrane of an egg shell, creates an opening in the egg to allow the sperm cell to penetrate it
The tunica albuginea surrounds what structure Testicles
The interstitial cells secrete what hormone Testosterone
What duct is cut during a vasectomy Vas deferens
What is the primary function of the bulbourethral glands Lubrication of the penis
The midpiece of sperm contains what organelle Mitochondria
What structure "activates" the sperm and helps them maintain their motility Prostate gland
Cryptorchidism Developmental defect in which 1 or both of the testicles fail to descend into their normal position in the scrotum
Uterine prolapse Condition in which the uterus slides from its normal position in the pelvic cavity and sags into the vagina (AKA Pelvic Floor Hernia)
Conization Surgical removal of a cone-shaped section of tissue from the cervix
Castration Surgical removal or destruction of both testicles
Created by: elizabeth-mcw



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