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Bone and Bone Tissue

Chapter 6 Q & A

In an adult, where can red bone marrow be found? Shoulder blades, ribs, sternum, vertebrae, skull, pelvis, and the upper parts of both the humerus and femur
What are the 4 types of bone? Long, short, flat, and irregular
What are the key structures of a long bone? Epiphysis, diaphysis, articular cartilage, medullary cavity, endosteum, marrow, periosteum
Name the components of bone Osteoblasts, osteoclasts, osteocytes, collagen, and crystalline salts
What makes bone unique from other connective tissues?` Its matrix. The matrix of bone is hard and calcified.
What is the study of bone called? Osteology
What are the unique characteristics of bone? Bone is incredibly strong; rivaling that of steel and reinforced concrete. It has significant tensile strength (resistant to stretching)and compressional strength (resistant to squeezing, but it lacks torsional strength (resistance to twisting)
Where is spongy bone found? In the ends of long bones and in the middle of most other bones
What surrounds spongy (cancellous) bone? Compact bone
What is the latticework of spongy bone called? Trabeculae
What are the concentric, onion-like rings arranged in the layers of the matrix called? Lamellae
What allows bone injuries to heal quickly? Bone cells are well supplied with oxygen and nutrients
What is the name of the transverse passageways that connect the haversian canals? Volkmann canals
What are the 2 types of bone marrow? Red and yellow
Where is red marrow found in a child? In nearly all of their bones
Why does yellow marrow not produce blood cells? Because its marrow cells are saturated with fat
Can yellow marrow ever change back to red? Yes, in cases of severe, chronic blood loss or anemia
What are fontanels? "Soft spots" of fibrous connective tissue in a newborns skull
What is the purpose of the fontanels? They allow for safe compression of the fetus' head while passing through the birth canal and allows the skull to expand readily as the brain grows during the months immediately following birth
How does bone continue to grow throughout a life span? A bone widens when osteoblasts in the periosteum lay down new layers of bone around the outside of bone. As this occurs, osteoclaasts on the inner bone tissue work to dissolve bone tissue, widening the marrow cavity
What are the nutrients needed for bone growth? Nutrients needed for proper bone growth include calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins D, C, and A
Name the five types of bone fractures Simple, compound, greenstick, comminuted, and spiral
What is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention or correction of disorders and injuries of bones, joints, and muscles? Orthopedics
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