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Anatomy II MASH 4

Anatomy MASH

_______________ fat-laden lymph Chyle
Give the IMMEDIATE drainage of the following: A.) right intestinal nodes B.) left deep cervical A.) cisterna chyli of thoracic duct B.) thoracic duct
Besides conduction lymph, list 2 different functions of the lymphatic system Immune defense, absorption/ transportation of fats
_______________ cranial nerves associated with the medulla 9, 10, 11, 12
_______________ name given to the area located IMMEDIATELY external to the dura matter of the spinal cord Epidural space
_______________ name given to the fiber tract running from the hippocampus to the mammillary bodies Fornix
_______________ group of fibers that connects the pons and the cerebellum Middle cerebellar peduncle
Cerebrospinal fluid is secreted by _______________ and absorbed into a dural venous sinus via the ______________ Choroid plexus; arachnoid villa
______________ SPECIFIC NAMED part of the midbrain through which corticospinal fibers pass Basal peduncle
______________ basal nucleus that has both limbic and olfactory functions Amygdaloid
______________ nucleus involved in the auditory pathway, but NOT located in the midbrain Medial geniculate
______________ named area of the diencephalon to which the pineal gland belongs Epithalamus
______________ part of the brain where nucleus cuneatus is located Medulla
______________ tooth like lateral extensions of the pia around the cord; anchors the pia and arachnoid to the dura Denticulate ligaments
_________________ contains ascending ipsilateral sensory fibers (vibration, discriminating touch) from T6 and below Fasciculus gracilis
________________ SPECIFIC named part of the pons that forms the floor of the 4th ventricle; contains nuclei and tracts Tegmentum
________________ extrapyramidal motor nucleus located in the midbrain that is the site of pathology in Parkinson’s Substantia nigra
________________ NAME of FUNCTIONAL area adjacent to the calcarine fissure, mostly on the medial aspect Primary visual area
________________ number(s) given to the primary somatic sensory area 1, 2, 3
________________ named part of brain that maintains equilibrium, adjusts muscle tone, influences synergy of muscle movement, etc Cerebellum
________________ type of fibers connecting the cortex with subcortical areas (the internal capsule would be an example of this type Projection fibers
Where EXACTLY does the thoracic duct end (as determined by flow)? Be specific Into the venous system at the junction of the left subclavian vein and the left internal jugular vein
Created by: marqalbrecht