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Liz AP2 T8 Urinary

AP2 ST120 T8 Urinary

The particles that are created during an ultrasonic lithotripsy Are eliminated in urine
Ultrasonic lithotripsy is done for treatment of Urinary tract calculi located in the ureter
An ultrasonic lithotripsy uses a probe to deliver Ultrasonic waves
MMK Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz procedure
The sensation of needing to void is C/B Pressure on the bladder wall
Which anatomy is found in the cortex of the kidney Distal convoluted tubules
As the bladder wall stretches, a nervous impulse is sent to the ___ and the emptying reflex is initiated Brain
The area of the bladder that is free of rugae that is the posterior surface of the bladder Trigone
The function of ANH is Increase urine formation
The outer layer of the kidneys Renal cortex
Inner portion of the kidney Renal medulla
Nephrons contain the ___ which are a cluster capillaries surrounded by the membranous capsule Glomerulus
Stone lith/o-
In the nephrons, waste products pass through a series of urine-collecting tubules and are transported to the ___ before entering the ureters Renal pelvis
The triangular divisions (guitar picks) of the medulla of the kidneys Renal pyramids
Urochrome is responsible for The color of the urine
The microscopic structure of the kidney that looks like a tiny funnel with a very long stem Nephron
What structure expands at its upper end to for the Renal Pelvis Ureters
A toxic condition C/B excessive amount of urea and other waste products in the bloodstream Uremia
The process which substances move urine into the distal and collecting tubules from the blood in the capillaries Secretion
What is the term if glucose is found in the urine Glycosuria
The term that designates as absence of urine Anuria
The term that designates an unusually large amount of urine Polyuria
The term that describes scanty amounts of urine Oliguria
Bladder Cyst/o-
When no urine can be voided Retention
When the kidneys do not produce urine but the bladder retains the ability to empty itself Suppression
A stone is AKA Calculus
An ____ is an abnormal opening b/t the bladder and the vagina Vesicovaginal fistula
___ is a hernia of the bladder through the vaginal wall Cystocele
___ is a radiographic examination of the bladder after instillation of contrast media Cystography
The function of ANH is Increase urine formation
Major blood supply to the kidney comes from Renal artery
A narrowing or stricture of the urethra Urethrostenosis
The area of the bladder that is free of rugae on the posterior side of the bladder Trigone
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