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Musculo Term

Musculoskeletal Terminology

acetabul/o acetabulum
ankyl/o stiff
arthr/o   joint  
articul/o joint  
burs/o bursa
calc/o calcium
calcane/o calcaneus
calci/o calyx
carp/o   wrist bones  
cervic/o   neck (of the body or of the uterus) , cervix 
chondr/o   cartilage (type of connective tissue)  
clavicul/o clavicle
coccyg/o   coccyx (tailbone)  
cost/o   rib  
crani/o   skull  
fasci/o fascia
Femor/o femur
Fibr/o fiber
Fibul/o fibula
Humer/o humerus
ili/o   ilium (part of the pelvic bone)  
isch/o   to hold back  
Kyph/o humpback
lamin/o lamina (part of vertebral arch)
Leiomy/o smooth (visceral) muscle
Ligament/o ligament
Lord/o curve, swayback
lumb/o   lower back, loin
malleol/o malleolus
mandibul/o   lower jaw, mandible  
Maxill/o maxilla (upper jaw bone)
Metacarp/o metacarpals (hand bones)
my/o   muscle  
myel/o   spinal cord, bone marrow  
myocardi/o myocardium (heart muscle)
myos/o muscle  
olecran/o olecranon (elbow)
orth/o   straight  
oste/o   bone  
patell/o patella
ped/o   child, foot
pelv/o   pelvic bone, hip
perone/o fibula
phalang/o phalanges (fingers and toes)
plant/o sole of the foot
pub/o   pubis (pubic bone); anterior portion of the pelvic or hipbone  
radi/o   x-rays, radioactivity, radius  
rhabdomy/o striated muscle
rheumat/o watery flow
sacr/o   sacrum  
ab-   away from  
ad-   toward  
dia-   complete, through
dorsi- back
exo- out, away from  
meta-   change, beyond  
peri-   surrounding  
supra-   above, upper  
syn-, sym-   together, with  
-algia   pain  
asthenia lack of strength
blast embryonic, immature
clast to break
desis to bind, tie together
emia blood condition  
listhesis slipping
-malacia   softening  
-penia   deficiency
-plasty   surgical repair  
porosis (blank)
-stenosis   tightening, stricture
tome instrument to cut
trophy (blank)
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