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Liz AP2 T7 Nutrition

AP2 ST120 T7 Nutrition

Where does glycolysis occur Cytoplasm
The process by which the body builds amino acids into complex protein compounds Protein anabolism
Which is a protein made by the liver that helps in maintaining blood volume Albumin
Vit E acts as a/n ___ to prevent free radicals from damaging DNA Antioxidant
What process breaks down food molecules by releasing their stored energy Catabolism
Which is considered a blood protein or plasma protein Fibrinogen
Which accelerates the movement of glucose out of the blood into cells Insulin
Carbohydrates are primarily catabolized for Energy
What is the molecule in which energy obtained from breakdown of foods is stored ATP
What organ processes blood immediately after it leaves the gastrointestinal tract and is the site of protein and fat metabolism Liver
What is the term that means the deficiency of vitamins Avitaminosis
Which is considered to be water soluble C
The ___ allows toxins to be removed from the bloodstream before nutrients are distributed throughout the body Hepatic Portal Vein
The term that refers to the food and nutrients that we eat Nutrition
Body temp is regulated by which gland Hypothalamus
The use the body makes of foods after they have been digested, absorbed, and circulated to cells Metabolism
What process builds food molecules into complex substances Anabolism
The chemical symbol for Cobalt is Co
The basal metabolic rate is the rate at which Food is catabolized
The citric acid cycle uses the ___ process Aerobic
All of the following are true EXCEPT Minerals are note found naturally in the earth (Sodium is an essential mineral, Minerals are required for nerve conduction, and Calcium is an essential mineral are true)
In carbohydrate metabolism, what is the name given to the first series of reactions Glycolysis
What type of elements are minerals classified as Inorganic
The chemical symbol for Magnesium is Mg
Where is the electron transport system located Mitochondria
The flow of heat waves away from the blood Radiation
Glucose anabolism is called Glycogenesis
Transfer of heat energy to the skin and then the external environment Conduction
The absorption of heat by water (sweat) vaporization Evaporation
Transfer of heat energy to air that is continually flowing away from the skin Convection
When a phosphate breaks off of ATP which of the following is true Energy is released AND ADP results
Fats are broken down into Fatty acids and glycerol
When the number of calories in your food intake equals you TMR, your weight will Remain constant
Carbohydrate loading can cause all of the following EXCEPT Allow cardiac muscle to sustain aerobic exercise (Increased storage of glycogen by skeletal muscles, About 50% increase in skeletal muscle's ability to sustain aerobic exercise, & Allow athletes to sustain endurance exercise for significant periods are)
T/F - Essential amino acids must be taken in through the diet TRUE
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