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Industrial Regions

Industrial Regions and What They Produce

United Kingdom Originating in Northern United Kingdom and Scotland with it currently located in Southeastern England (London), it produces steel with iron ore and coal and high tech industries with innovative engineers and inventions. Started the Industrial Revolution
Rhine Rhur Valley In Northwest Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, it produces steel with iron ore and coal as well as other heavy industry and is Europe's most industrial area with challenges from political instability in the 1800's
Mid Rhine Region with Southwest Germany, Northeast France, and Luxembourg, it produces steel with iron ore and coal as well as consumer goods and chemicals because of lack of other raw materials. Major industrial area after WWII and is an main area of service jobs
Northern Italy Primarily in the Po River Basin with hydroelectric power, its main industry is textiles and is one of the highest concentrated industrial areas
Central Industrial District (Moscow) This main industry is linen, cotton, wool, silk,chemicals and other consumer products with location to ports
St. Petersburg Industrial District In the port city of St. Petersburg, it benefits from port location and shipping as well as railroads and shipbuilding
Volga Industrial District Between the Volga and Kama Rivers, it specializes in petroleum and natural gas with the motor vehicle industry, oil refining, chemicals, and leather
Ural Industrial District In the Ural Mountain Range, it has thousands of minerals including iron, copper, potassium, manganese, bauxite, salt, and tungsten but lacks energy
Kuznetsk Industrial District Located by the Donetsk Coalfield, it specializes in steel production with its abundant supply of coal and iron ore and uses a lot of it in construction
Silesia A region in Southern Poland and the Northern Czech Republic that is the leading manufacturing area because of its proximity to coalfields. However, much of the iron ore must be imported
New England A region in Southern New England and Boston that has a large textile industry with labor that was cheap immigrants but is now becoming more expensive and skilled
Middle Atlantic A region between New York City and Washington D.C that has a large market for importing and relies on importing raw materials
Mohawk Valley A region by upstate New York by the Hudson and Erie Canal that specializes in high energy processes like aluminum, paper, and food manufacturing because of avaliability of hydroelectric power
Pittsburgh-Lake Erie A region between Pittsburgh and Cleveland that uses coal from Appalachia and iron ore from Minnesota to produce a lot of steel and attracts manufacturers
Western Great Lakes A region from Detroit to Toledo and Chicago to Milwaukee that that specializes in giving tools, transportation, clothing, furniture, and goods to the rest of the country because of its central location and many forms of transportation (air, water, land)
Canada A region from the Saint Lawrence Valley and Ontario Peninsula that is close to the Canadian Market and benefits from the hydroelectricity from the nearby Niagara Falls. It therefore makes aluminum, paper making, flour, sugar, automobiles and textiles
Japan A region from the Tokyo and Nagasaki area that produces high quality products after creating an economy that specialized in low quality products and lacks raw materials. Produces large quantity high quality products and electronics
China An eastern region of China, especially by the coast that has an economy based off of cheap labor and manufacturing and is the second largest manufacturer in output. It has plenty of natural resources like coal and cotton
Eastern Ukraine A region in the far east portion of Ukraine with coal reserves, iron ore, and natural gas that is Eastern Europe's largest producer of pig iron and steel
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