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Muscles of the face

Origin, insertion, and action.

Frontalis O- galea aponeurotica I- skin of eyebrows and root of nose With aponeurosis fixed, raises the eyebrows (as in surprise); wrinkles forehead skin horizontially.
Occipitalis O- occipital and temporal bones I- galea aponeurotica Fixes aponeurosis and pulls scalp posteriorly.
Corrugator Supercilli O- arch of frontal bone above nasal bone I- skin of eyebrow Draws eyebrows together and inferiorly; wrinkles skin of forehead vertically (as in frowning).
Zygomatics- major and minor O- zygomatic bone I- skin and muscle at corner of mouth Raises lateral corners of mouth upward (smiling muscle).
Risorius O- lateral fascia associated with masseter muscle I- skin at angle of mouth Draws corner of lip laterally; tenses lips; synergist of zygomaticus.
Orbicularis Oris O- arises indirectly from maxilla and mandible; fibers blended with fibers of other facial muscles associated with the lips I- encircles mouth; inserts into muscle and skin at angles of mouth Closes lips; purses and protudes lips; kissing and whistling muscle.
Mentalis O- mandible below incisors I- skin of chin Protrudes lower lip; wrinkles chin.
Buccinator O- molar region of maxilla and mandible I- orbicularis oris Draws corner of mouth laterally; compresses cheek (as in whistling and sucking); holds food between teeth during chewing; well developed in nursing infants.
Platysma O- fascia of chest (over pectoral muscles and deltoid) I- lower margin of mandible, and skin and muscle at corner of mouth Helps depress mandible; pulls lower lip back and down, i.e., produces downward sag of mouth; tenses skin of neck (e.g., during shaving).
Masseter O- zygomatic arch and maxilla I- angle and ramus of mandible Prime mover of jaw closure; elevates mandible.
Temporalis O- temporal fossa I- coranoid process of mandible via a tendon that passes deep to zygomatic arch Closes jaw; elevates and retracts mandible; synergist of pterygoids in side-to-side movements; maintains posistion of the mandible at rest.
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